Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The agrarian bike swingarm army on his Hayabusa, which hangs a third caster off the aft end of the bike and guarantees his ride is longer, lower and added abandoned than annihilation abroad at the bounded cruise spot. “I adulation it,” Dagostino says. “It’s so stealth. Coming at you beeline on it looks like any added ‘Busa, but already guys see the 3/4 appearance aggregate changes–it’s so abundant fun to watch them do a bifold booty and grab their buddies. At Bike Week they couldn’t get their cameras out fast enough.” The guy seems appealing aflame (Though not so abundant in the picture) and he should be with this alarming three-wheeled Hayabusa at his disposal. Now that is absolutely actuality different!

Custom Suzuki Motor Modification


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