Friday, February 5, 2010

Exotic McLaren F1 Supercars

McLaren is about racing. Our historical core business is Formula One, the ultimate form of motorsport, which constantly pushes the barriers of technology. At McLaren we can directly translate our racing experience to the road, using the latest technology from Formula One to achieve unsurpassed levels of vehicle performance.
McLaren Automotive was established in 1989 and is renowned for its expertise in engineering and manufacturing the most definitive super sports cars in the world. From the beginning, McLaren Automotive established its own unique approach to super sports car design, combining the most advanced engineering and technology from the world of Formula One with an unparalleled attention to detail, in the pursuit of the purest driving experience.
Embodying this philosophy, the McLaren F1 established its place in super car history as the world's fastest production road car. Described by many as the finest driver's car ever built, the McLaren F1 excelled both on the road and the race track.
The legacy of the McLaren F1 demonstrates how McLaren Automotive aims to set the standards that others follow


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