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Can you imagine not, like what happens when two motorbike models from Italy, Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 cc combined with the Aprilia RSV4. That is, you know besutan pebalap Max Biaggi in the arena of world championship racing Superbike (WSBK). The result, as you can see this. New Modification Old Head Motor Concept.

Abdul Aziz of Magetan deserves thumbs up. Imagine, Honda GL 100 quarter-century-old is alive again with a new face more gahar. Builder of the home modification Modified A1 is very brave because almost all of the motor lawasnya been revamped.

Like the front shape, Aziz inspired by Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 cc. "The sign can be seen from such a model horns on the front between the lamp and the tank shell," said Aziz. All materials for this MODIF wearing thick as 0.9 mm galvanized plate.

Conscious use of a thick plate of course impact on the overall weight of the motor. So, here Aziz combine jelly enough change on the front. Dimensions of the iron plate is adjusted with a choice of lamp shell cabutan of Honda Supra X-125. "It should be made carefully because when the greatness of it will be ugly.'s Why shell the size of a standard lamp," he explained.

In addition to the front, to minimize weight, the entire frame is replaced with a tubular pipe. "Because you want to catch the look," said Aziz. All of the new framework using a-inch diameter pipe.

When the front of the nuances of a sport, more powerful back again. Aziz imitate Aprilia RSV4. "It's a sport because of sharp and nungging abis," kekeh friendly guy. Because the sports model, then the seat was designed single-seater racing.

All parts of this full-custom motorcycles. Baseball was merely the body, but the legs start of the swing-arm up upside down any custom. This is the part that is rarely done another builder. "Incidentally, I often make a lot of upside down and now accept orders from outside Java," Aziz proud.

In making the front suspension, Aziz still use a few standard components. Dibubut original shock and continued to use the new connection. "Then, I wear custom drat system. In it are three separate components," he added. As for the outer shock wrapped disposable plates make it look more muscular.

Can you imagine baseball, hot rod skubek transformed into a fighter! That's what Winoto Siswo from Banyumas, Central Java. Builder of Win's Paddock is trying to shed his creation through 2007 Yamaha Mio that combines the two styles. Modifikasi Yamaha Mio 2010 Style.

Wiwin, greeting familiar Winoto, inspired to make a hot rod because the style was more prevalent in the region, plus the charm of streetfighter. Mio's Indra became the target.

Originally, he wanted to change it so hot rod skubek la negro. However, he still considered less radical and exploration with a typical bikinannya. Came a whisper in his ear, which proposed a streetfighter.

Typical hot rod is very noticeable on the legs change. "Just Showing accent which tends to lead to a Bobber bit fat," says the buff Wiwin R & B music. To support the concept, diaplikasikanlah wheel radius model because he wanted to highlight a classic impression. If you use a car wheel or bar, it was, it would interfere with the concept.

Speaking of concepts, it must be separated from MEFRIK baseball (modern, aesthetic, functional, rational, innovation, and creation). Concepts that do not justify the modification only unsightly, but still functional. It can mean streets, and security functions in the motor still works.

Body design is also combined with two tastes. Front tends to form solid fat and the width of a typical hot rod. This style combined with a tiny rear body taper typical streetfighter.

Special to the rear, Wiwin deliberately make a full pattern angle. "In order traits can streetfighter, so look forward to the seat body further singles," explained Wiwin who leaked the long-departed withdraw up to 25 cm.

Street fighter-style traits others had to wear a tubular frame in the middle of the front deck. "There is no function for the material, just some visual accent, let alone nuance streetfighter more pronounced and more dynamic," sure Wiwin.

As a candidate in fiber, glass fiber material he uses as a material body. Problem mall, pretty neat so that the proportion is still looking chic when ogled. There are also enough support on the selection screen. Finishing with neat, Ferrari red paint mixing Polired Lessonal Plus looks

Friday, June 25, 2010

Motor is named M16 or Millona 16 and classified special. If the unity of our national army, M16 is a weapon that proud of. Now, on motorcycles, M16 can be proud of because it has a power 200 dk. Hence, he became the first choice of some other brands that will be displayed Motorcyclenews.

NCR is home modifications that have been conjured up the Ducati Desmosedici D16RR view. This gives them not at all spectacular works from the Italian manufacturer's product. Before this, the NCR Ducati has ever produced a modification of the capacity of 1200 cc.

Well, with D16RR 989 V-Four engine was they did not just make a very light weight because it uses carbon fiber and titanium materials. They also made power output achieved on lap 200 dk 13 800 rpm with torque of 116 Nm at 10 500 rpm.

The main component of all new frame is made using carbon fiber material. For engine parts, there is protection of steel with a round pipe. The second part of this very well with swing arm design made of carbon fiber material.

Not only that. Subframe rear, exhaust, and front sepatbor any use of carbon fiber. Included also, tanks and half-fairing.

Have weight 145 kg M16 and lighter 26 kg of MotoGP Ducati Desmosedici. Apart from the materials mentioned above, he also became very light because some uses of titanium or aluminum components for aircraft. Some components that include suspension and braking device.

Sok front Ohlins motorcycle wear products, whereas the rate of Brembo stoppers. Unfortunately, the issue price has not been addressed.

Title: Ducati Desmosedici D16RR Modification to M16 Style

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

honda cbf 125 abject is taken from the blazon of honda Megapro now anesthetized on the street. Rankanya still adhered to the anatomy cut design accepted alias abis! So there's no acumen this affectionate of technology requires expensive. Only if the European bazaar for these motors will be application bang technology, the achievability if the present in Indonesia will be in the carburetor which has a accommodation gunakan.Mega Pro 160cc agent with a best of accommodation tenga 13.3 hp at 8500 rpm and torque of 13 nm at 6000 rpm . Comparison of compression Meggy is 9: 1. Compared with the CBF 125 is: 125cc agent capacity, with a best ability 12.4 hp at 8000 rpm, best torque at 6250 rpm 12nm with a compression arrangement of 9.02: 1 although statistically above Megapro cool thin, but back beheld from the agent accommodation agency afloat This is acutely a 35cc advantage for CBF 125. With a abate accommodation motor is acutely added efficient!

Title: Honda Mega Pro Modifikasi Repsol Style 2010

Honda Vario CBS techno low rider, this is the best common modifications in the scooter-lovers to do the modifier of Indonesia, with big tires, big anatomy and of advance flat. That is the capital allure of the adapted low rider. and this time the victim is a modification of vario hodan new techno CBS launched a few months ago. already in the besom Manjadi low accession tough.
Reviews of new honda vario cbs techno
Security appearance are additionally present added comfort, the feel skutiknya safe, absolutely added adequate and calm while driving. Vario Techno CBS abide the bequest of aegis appearance in pairs in the Vario, such as the ancillary angle switch, parking in a defended key lock and auto shutter.
Well in this Techno CBS Vario added one added affection that is Combi Anchor Arrangement (CBS). In this technology the rear anchor lever, back apprenticed to administer the braking force is not aloof to the rear auto but additionally to the advanced wheels.
"Combi Anchor arrangement is accepted to advice motorists get acclimated to alone use the rear brake. With these appearance the accident of locking the rear auto back braking aback can be reduced, "the U.S. abiding Tedjo Siswojo, Senior General Manager of Technical Services, PT AHM. Not alone safer but added comfortable, abnormally for abecedarian riders.
In addition, now beneath the handlebar arbor able with a accommodation absolutely relieved. Utility box beneath the bench additionally comes with a lid. Letters of advice in a defended key auto bang phosphor-coated in adjustment to abide arresting in the darkness. And the best accommodating eye is an indicator console which is far added agitative than the antecedent Vario.

Title: Contest Modifikasi Honda Vario 2010 Style

Still attenuate bodies who are absorbed in modifying bajaj pulsar. because the appearance is good, I see bajaj pulsar has a altered shape, and altered from added motors such as Japanese-made motorcycles that abounding in the market. modification bajaj pulsar I focus on the appearance of the arch of the motor. I add accessories in motor active that arise added admirable and adequate for the eyes. abnormally for the challenge modifications. I'm abiding this bike bajaj pulsar will win the challenge because it has a affairs amount is actual high.
Head Lamp Bajaj Pulsar Modification 2010 Style

Bajaj Auto, added bigger bike maker in India, launched new Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS in India at Rs 51,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi) on Wednesday. As arise earlier, the new bike from Bajaj is possessing adventuresome and developed accomplishment with beat technologies. Apart from this, the bulk is additionally absolute abounding above as expected. The baby Pulsar is able with rear Nitrox gas shocker, industry ancient 4 valve DTS-i engine, avant-garde disc brake, calendar armament barometer and speedometer. In nut shell, it is a bulk for money bike in India so far. The new Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS is powered by a 4 stroke, air cooled, 4 valve, audible cylinder, SHOC, DTS-i beat that belts out a best adeptness of 13.5 PS at 9,000 rpm and churns aiguille torque of 11.4NM at 7500 rpm. In accretion to this, calendar speedo, armament gauge, tripmeter, 5 batten admixture wheels, auto choke, clip-on-handlebars and above wheelbase of 1325mm is provided in the new sensation. For the ancient time, Bajaj Auto has acclimated a fatigued associate analysis instead of cradle chassis.

Title: 2010 Bajaj Pulsar 135

The Bajaj Discover a motorcycle fabricated by Bajaj Auto in Chakan, India debuted in 2004. This is the additional aboriginal bike from Bajaj.
The Discover was the additional Bajaj bike (After the Pulsar segment) to appear with the six batten alloys and the patented "exhaus-tec"—basically a resonator that boosts torque at lower rpms. It additionally active the Bajaj brand "dts-i" agenda accompanying atom agitation technology acclimated in the Bajaj Pulsar 150 and 180 dts-i s. At launch, three variants were available:
* Batten wheels,Drum brake,Kickstart
* Batten wheels,Drum brake,Selfstart
* Mag wheels,Disc brake,Selfstart
However, during mid 2005, the Discover was fabricated a distinct alternative model. It was revamped with new graphics, atramentous grab-rail, sns(spring in spring) suspension, 130 mm boom brakes, six batten alloys as standard,selfstart and some agent tweaks predominantly aimed at abbreviation abrasion and agitation roar. The Bajaj Discover has been the accomplished affairs 125 cc bike in India back the day of its inception.[citation needed] Despite the actuality that it has a notchy gearbox[citation needed] and that it is not actual adequate for alpine riders (6 bottom plus), it has accurate to be a actual accepted controlling commuter.
A 135cc archetypal has afresh appear which appearance a advanced deejay brake, auto-start and atramentous admixture wheels. The argent agent has additionally been powder-coated atramentous in the 135 cc variant.It can be compared aforementioned as pulsar 150...except the design,engine blueprint are about agnate to pulsar 150
Testimonial to the aloft facts is that it won the celebrated Overdrive (auto mag) "bike of the year" and "indigenous architecture of the year" in 2005.[citation needed] It has won analytical acclamation from several added acclaimed auto/bike magazines: Autocar India[citation needed], Bike India[citation needed], and Business Accepted Motoring[citation needed] in their bike tests.
Technical specifications
* Agent : 4 achievement ,air cooled dts-i distinct cylinder
* Bore x achievement : 57.0 mm x 48.8 mm
* Eng. displacement : 134.52 cc
* Compression arrangement : 9.5+-0.5:1
* Max. net adeptness : 10.5 kW (13.51ps) at 8000rpm
* Transmission : 4 acceleration connected mesh
* advanced and rear brakes : mech. accretion shoe and drum
* aggressive adeptness : 25% (14 degrees) max
* Fuel catchbasin abounding : 10 litres
* Reserve : 2.3litres
* Electrical arrangement : 12volts ac+dc
* Length : 2030 mm
* Width : 760 mm
* Height : 1065 mm
* Wheelbase : 1305 mm
* Ground approval : 175 mm (min)
Tyre size
* Advanced : 2.75 17 inch rim
* Rear : 100/90 17 inch rim
Vehicle kerb weight
* 129 kg

title: 2010 New Bajaj Discover Review and Information

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tires Front: Deli Tire 110-70/17
Rear tires: Tire Deli 140-70/17
Velg: Power
Head Lamp: Suzuki Arashi
Stop Lamp: Custom
Stang: Kawasaki Ninja
Future Shock: Cagiva Mito
Disk Rear: Satria F 150
Body Kit Set: 0.8 mm Custom Plate Galvanic
Exhaust: AHRS
 Yamaha MX Contest Modifikasi 2010

yamaha scorpio r6 architecture is fabricated added acicular and fabricated fashionable the ambit of baptize like a jet plane, the allotment is advised to added accent the characters that accept this bike as a pilot, "added Topo.
To abetment the angry consequence on the affectation front, Honda's arch lamp of best with a absolute CS1 lampholder Tauco Custom architecture results.
Sector in the legs, Topo combines 17-inch bore caster Power Deli Tire 110/70-17 tires for advanced and 140/70-17 for rear. While for the rear brake, disc anchor dicangkokan Scorpio is endemic Suzuki Satria FU 150.
To acclimatize the affectation to accomplish it attending added muscular, skipper Tauco Custom beat arm to administer from Kwangen Custom Product.
 Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio R6 Style

All absolved away, after cerebration what the approaching will be like a anatomy of modif motor Honda Astrea Admirable 1997 this time of acceptance to the branch modification Motor One Heart Community (SHMC) on Jl. Highway salting Sawangan, Depok. Astrea Admirable ambition to restore as destroyed because of apathy with the old view.
Johan who is additionally skipper of this branch SHMC accepted apathetic with the old view. Since the skipper is additionally a fan of chopper-style motorcycles, this change in any of Astrea Admirable styled like a chopper.
"Incidentally gw emang already apathetic with the attending of this admirable old, i Tear bottomward all calm aja temen-temen gw by accumulation the abstraction of the chopper, and the awakening style," explained the man who is familiarly alleged this Acong.

To accompany fashionable impression, blush accent bonbon dejected acrylic of best this Grand anatomy bandage. Meanwhile, to present the consequence of retro, the accession of white bank tires advanced and rear is additionally not behind. Including respiratory anatomy aback so it looks shorter.
"Basically I aloof appetite to attending decidedly altered motor aja nih. No aboriginal affluent agreeable diliat not already started, "he added.
 2010 Modifikasi Honda Astrea Grand

There are rumors about the added adaptation of YAMAHA TMax from 500cc to new 750cc but the closing has arise calm with assets and patents registered by Yamaha in Japan . Yamaha has started projects for a three base agent for a new development on its sports T-Max 500 scooter. The new Yamaha scooter would afresh be declared T-Max 750 and could be attainable for presentation arise autumn. Production and sales are planned for the end of 2010. The images in this cavalcade are from artisan J.M Guerin with bigger beginning end (from R6) and the final Yamaha.

The development is demography address on the accustomed abettor base: the T-Max 500 cc accompanying cylinder, with a third abettor rod with anti-vibration function. That third rod would afterwards achieve way for a complete third cylinder, accession adeptness to 750cc. With the all-important modifications, the new three base abettor would be dent digest the scooter with no problems, while the final chiral would be able to bender the greater adeptness output.
Yamaha 3-cylinder scooter T-Max 750, which will become antagonist to the Gilera GP800.
June 8th, 2009 - Brainstorm a new, bigger attractive T-Max that puts out alike added ability than the accepted 500cc model. Rumors accumulate reemerging that Yamaha will acquaint a new 3 base T-Max with a displacement of 750cc. Apparently the T-Max 500 already has a copy base and rod that is currently acclimated to adverse antithesis abettor vibration. It appears the plan is the advance the added base and rod with a absolute agent to bang the displacement to 750cc. Although annihilation has been clearly appear by Yamaha, it seems like this would be a accessible way to attempt power-wise with the newest best supersport scooter to hit the market, the Gilera GP800.
If this archetypal is accepting accessible to be launced for the 2010 year, apprehend an advertisement from Yamaha ancient in the Fall of 2009. If the US does end up accepting the T-Max 750, I would brainstorm that it won't access actuality until the 2011 or 2012 archetypal year. Stay acquainted for all of the latest updates on the new Yamaha T-Max 750cc best action scooter.

Title: 2010 Review Yamaha T-Max 750 Scooter Matic

2010 sporty motorcycle concept of you who had the belly to sit through Terminator Salvation with your eyes attainable will bethink the mototerminators that launched themselves from the legs of the behemothic collectors. Those were actually based on Ducatis, but if you cool the accessory of them, afresh Italian bike artist CR&S has commodity ambrosial close.
Called the DUU Concept, the naked ride is a accumulated of "a adventuresome European rolling analysis powered by a able American big-twin." The abettor is a 1.9-liter (117 cu. in.) X-Wedge supplied by S&S. Wrapped about that powerplant is a analysis that CR&S says can be tailored by the chump – although they don't advertise how aloft presenting the best of audible or two-seater versions.
But aback ceremony DUU will be bogus by hand, one-at-a-time, we begin they'll be adored to do abolishment your wallet will allow. The DUU Concept is achievement credible November 10 at the Milan International Bike Show. CR&S said it has diplomacy to anatomy them from abutting year, at €20,000 ($30,000 U.S.) apiece. Check it out in the arcade of high-res images below.

on the Milan accent agency “two” and characterizes the complete set of 2-liter 2-cylinder engine, as able-bodied as the affiliation may be one of two “cultures” moto structure. Conceived alive you will see actual anon on the EICMA 2009 casual from 10 to 15 November.
Speaking about the cultures of moto-structure of compounds in this motorcycle, implying the actuality of a European sports anatomy and a large, traditionally-unit blazon of the American V-Twin. The agent will accept a accommodation 1.926ss, but abstracts on the ability and weight of the motorcycle is not yet known. Architecture DUU abrupt and aggressive, though, unwittingly, an affiliation with Ducati Streetfighter, if that was advised Harley-Davidson, with the use of architecture elements from musclebike Yamaha VMax and MT-01.
The aggregation CR&S affairs to activate affairs «Duu» in Europe by 2011 at a amount which starts from 20 000 Euro (29 500). Each year, will be fabricated by hand, alone a few motorcycles.
# Duka Electric Cruiser Concept
# NaSty Abstraction by GPDesign
# Harley-Davidson Abstraction 2020
# Igor Chak: 2012 Izh-1 motorcycle concept
# Monobike – aboriginal electric threecycle abstraction

Honda Motor has acclimatized the accustomed archetypal Silverwing 600, he complete it into a adjustment of Gran Turismo.
New Honda Silverwing GT 600 2010 archetypal year will be in European showrooms in autumn this year.
A new, absolute able dashboard. New will be a able bifold avant-garde headlight. Will admission the beforehand of the suspension. The braking adjustment will absence ABS acclimatized as advantage – CBS.
There will additionally be a parking ballast and proprietary adjustment for advocacy abut thieves from Honda declared HISS. Engine that will be 4-stroke 2-cylinder with cyberbanking injection, a adaptation of 37 kW at 7 000 rpm.

Title: New Honda Silverwing GT 600 2010 Edition

Modification Sport Motive 2010, A3W Motive Trike Concept, We had advanced accounting about Nick Dagostino’s three-wheeled Hayabusa (which is not a accustomed trike…) here, and now here’s French artisan Julien Rondino’s three-wheeled motorcycle absorption – the A3W Motiv.
We’ve accounting to Julien, allure him for added accommodation on the bike. But for now, what we apperceive is that the bike has been brash about KTM’s 999cc LC8 v-twin. A3W Motiv Trike Concept, The analysis seems to be a mix of casting aluminium and breathing tube sections and the bike is abiding with arresting $.25 – hub-centre steering, adjustable ergonomics and Buell-style abuttals brakes.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Modifications skutik big annoy abrasion is common. However, the admeasurement of auto absorbed to the Yamaha Mio is 20 inches by 8.5 inches advanced it may makes it a bit special. Black elastic with a attenuate contour bathrobe auto 225/30 Nankang cast earlier. Well, by comparison, admixture auto and tires are usually army on the SUV Nissan X-Trail or Honda CR-V.
Another affection of Nicky's Andiono matic, annoy and caster business buyer Niki Solo (NS), this can be apparent on the advanced foot. Single beat arm architecture admixture auto exe activated to the ambit of the Pegasus archetypal with the accession of the adapter can go as blubbery as 10 cm.
swing arm actual of a tubular aqueduct 4 cm in diameter. This aqueduct is affiliated to komstir so quick like the Vespa, but the aberration in the rate. In situ aberration of shock absorbers absorbed to the tube labeled Bigbike.
For the afterwards legs, was adapted with a part-departed ancient 25 cm. Continue, the abeyance arrangement is set up in the middle. Process until membobok appurtenances beneath the bench deck. MODIF YAMAHA MIO EXTREME WHEEL
With big tires and aloof captivated a pipe, how its durability? How about administration as well? Wadow, do not allocution about it. It is absolutely bulky and heavy. Please run this bike in traffic. Surely amidst stiff.
Nicky confessed, Mio has revamped this is alone for affectation at the outlets of the Solo NS (NS additionally abide in Semarang). If so, is fit with his wares

Title: Yamaha Mio 2010 Modifikasi

Dave modification Homeowners Motor Abstraction (DMC) Wardoyo change Anga's Honda Tiger, association Gandul, Cinere, Depok, beautiful apprentice like in the cine Transformer. Characteristic blubbery as a sports cruiser abolished afterwards adapted into stout able-bodied streetfighter style.
modif honda tiger transfomer, Hence, the best ascendant debris, Wardoyo said, there are lights on the shell. He accepted that the after-effects of the abstraction itself ubahannya. So, the abode replaced the aboriginal reflector endemic Yamaha Mio Soul which few in-custom to resemble the arch of the robot. Then, the exoteric was accustomed ornaments fabricated from 0.8 mm plates.
Stocky able-bodied apprentice consequence Wardoyo acquisition on the tank. He acclimated a metal bowl to change the ambit of the catchbasin is advised a apprentice body, including the agent cover.
On the larboard ancillary and appropriate ancillary army anatomy deltabox airscoop to reinforce the able-bodied apprentice duke basic of adamant wire. "It's all fabricated of metal bowl and army on the alfresco of the aboriginal tubular anatomy for optimum handling," said modifiers are afraid on Jl Raya No. 15 Depok, Depok-Sawangan.
Meanwhile, the apprentice legs appear able so able-bodied built. The trick, accept replaced the accepted advanced abeyance Suzuki GSX400 contemporary telescopic. As a counterweight, the arm beat (swing arm) DMC different handmade, so anniversary motor gmainstay. "Arm beat that I accomplish an boilerplate of utilizing the aboriginal apparatus and the re-use a custom metal plate. Problem model, my own abstraction and is generally accumulated with ascribe from consumers, "explained Wardoyo.
Abdomen and waist Wardoyo apprentice illustrated through the advanced bench appearance to awning the stern. Added to the appliance Views candied undertail bankrupt silencers. / * (KR15)
Front tire: 110/70-17 Battlax BT45
Rear tire: 150/70-17 Battlax BT45
Monoshock: Suzuki Satria 120R
Footstep front: Yoshimura
Footstep back: Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC
Brake lights and Sein: Variations
DMC: (021) 77887954
source:Motor Plus

Title: Modifikasi Honda Tiger Like Dave Motor

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Luxury NISSAN ALTIMA COUPE (2010) Pictures

Luxury NISSAN ALTIMA COUPE (2010) Pictures


New Luxury AUDI R8 V10 Pictures

New Luxury AUDI R8 V10 Pictures

New Luxury AUDI R8 V10 Pictures

Luxury 2010 NISSAN GT-R SpecV Pictures


Luxury 2010 NISSAN GT-R SpecV Pictures

Luxury 2010 NISSAN GT-R SpecV Pictures


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