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Modifikasi Yamaha Motor Vixion Motor Sport Style
Yamaha Vixion Supermotard Picture Modification|Customized
This is the Yamaha Vixion Supermotard Specification Detail :
Front Wheel: 90/110 BT size:110/17
Rear Wheel: BT 100/110 size:120/17
Velg : Power
Front shockbreaker: Original
Accessories: Ymax
Exhaust: CLD trioval alumunium
Speedometer: koso RX2 VFR
Body Paint: Spies Hecker
Fender, Headlamp – Acerbis
Steering: Limbah
Disc Brake – Nissi
From: Modifikasi Motor Vixion Motor Sport Style

2011 Modification Minerva Megelli 250R

This is The Specification Modification of Minerva detailed:
* Perfomance
1. Stainless chargeless breeze bankrupt Flash – Custom Research itself
2. 520 rear accessory Custom chrome 38
3. CPEX 450 CDI – own Custom Research Map
4. Coil assure with arena strap
* Safety
5. Replace tires BT92 150/60, 110/70 dpn
6. Custom Stainless advanced discs
7. Custom Stainless Steel rear disc
8. mono-shock rear YSS Custom
9. 520H-LGL alternation 106 (102)
* Model
10. Change Jok, mb-tech
11. catchbasin pad
12. acid sticker
13. H7 White 4300K bulb
14. White Luxeon led twilight
15. RDR handle pro-Performance
16. waterproof disc horn Hella
17. Custom winshield clear
18. duke anchor KTC
19. Custom stainless handlebar spur
20. Custom stainless bolts
21. Custom stainless oil cap
22. Speedo beat koso RX2n
23. appendage lamp-led Custom Moving
From: 2011 Modification Minerva Megelli 250R 

Modifikasi Motro Kharisma 2010 Style
Modifikasi Motor Kharisma 2010 Style Detail :
Tires-Front: Mizzle 90/80-17
Tires-Rear: 110/80-17 Tire Deli
-Velg: footstep amplitude Rochell Racing
Front-fender: Kaze zx 130
Rear-fender: Mio
-Spy: Honda Supra X 125
Jok-: re-design by Afas Jok
Rear-Shockbreaker: Kanzen Taurus
Standard side-Modify and change the average and aerial shock big tires
Bracket-box: GIVI (* optional)
Chain-and Gir Set: TK combinations 14-37
-Oli: Repsol Moto 15W-50
Modifications motor not apperceive the type. Honda Karisma which seemed to anatomy the aboriginal ‘plain’ can additionally be dimodif archetypal of abandoned streetfighter. As Budi Udin Fakkar of Jatayu Motor Sport (JMS) on this one. He called his assignment of Shiva (read: Siwa). He mengartikannya god of creation.
Here, the characteristics ditonjolkan Budi artery fighter avoid through the courage of the basic knit. Especially in the courage of the aqueduct Ducati Monster Tubular style, accumulated with the beat arm (swing arm) from a distinct Veltermoto (Italy). For foot-feet, “have a abounding set Velg NSR 150 SP. Senada order, abundance peranti alias additionally use NSR shock,” said architect who is addicted fitness.
From: Modifikasi Motro Kharisma 2010 Style

Technology, and Honda Tiger REVO
Modifikasi Honda Tiger Revo
Not abounding changes fabricated by the AHM back mempensiunkan Honda Tiger 2000 and alter it with Honda Tiger REVO. Alike changes fabricated by AHM can be counted on the ancillary with the hand. But that change is absolutely effective, abnormally the eyes people. The changes are best acutely arresting in the anatomy of a panel, which was minimal, has become alike added maksimalis can be said to be agnate to the Honda CBF 250. CW velg accession disc brakes and a glimpse abaft the simple steps, but that’s abundant to accomplish Tiger’s REVO be added sturdy. Suspensi rear accepted is replaced by Air Suspensi cushion, the motor looks to be a little hi-tech. With the changes fabricated to actualize a Tiger REVO accept the appearance that is acceptable and Macho appeal, abnormally in the motor added classmates.
From: Modifikasi Honda Tiger Revo

Minerva Madass sachs 125 cc
Minerva Madass Sachs 125 cc with 125 courage admiration best 8.0 Nm/5000 rpm and the adeptness that is able of ride adeptness 6.4 KW/7500 rpm. Through this a adequate engine, Bikers can to accomplish the chargeless time in the solid abuttals and beeline tracks.
Color: Yellow
Variant: Casting Wheel
Engine type: 4-Step
Step Volume: 125cc
Front brake: Disk Break (type single-piston caliper admeasurement 220mm)
Rear brake: Disk Break (ventilate the disc caliper bifold admeasurement 260mm)
Suspension Front: Hydraulic animation shock pressure
Suspension Rear: Hydraulic animation shock pressure
Gas tank: 5.1 liter Capacity
Ignition system: CDI
Lights: Front (Dual addendum lamp)
Rear (tail lamp ignites the broke tail)
Starter: Electrical abecedarian and blast amateur
From: Modification Minerva Madass Sachs 125 cc

Modifikasi Knalpot Honda Beat
Although somewhat besutan newer, but already abounding workshops that accommodate bore-up amalgamation for Honda Beat. Devices that charge be adored too little, depending on needs. “Put the agent is added big, so the capital card for the jack to the agent accommodation increase,” said Sena Ponda, abstruse adviser Matic Padepokan on Jl. Muh. Joseph Raya, Depok, West Java, which usually handles bore-up motor racing.
Piston Set
To access the aggregate of the engine, the agent charge be exchanged for a accepted added besutan / aftermarket beyond bore (Fig.1). Purpose is to accomplish gasoline bake in the allowance for more, so that agitation increases.
“If for daily, 125-150 cc is sufficient. Added than that would drive beneath adequate and the agent beating was bigger, “explained Coky, JP Antagonism bang-up at Jl. Paradise No.6E-F, Bintaro, the accepted Jaksel composition bore Scooter alley race.
Coil / CDI Racing
This is to advance the letikan atom plugs for added complete agitation and best (Fig.2). “With antagonism CDI and braid achievement is affirmed to rise,” said Julius, boutique owners Johnny Holle Motor (JHM).
Per CVT Racing
Create advance the alteration of ability from the agent to the automated transmission, approved tuners use a CVT Antagonism (gbr.3).
“The blueprint harder than the original, so that the active force / tekannya additionally strong. This is to affected the annular did not let too lelet, “said Ario Joddy, goalie Joddy Motor (JDM) in Jl. Jatiwaringin artery No.1A, Pangkalan Jati, East Jakarta.
Well, if the addition was not annoyed with the changes and allotment of the application, for a thicker pockets can add antagonism bankrupt and antagonism carburetor with venturi holes beyond than the standard.
Bore Up Amalgamation List
Padepokan Matic (0812-838146)
125cc – Rp 2 million
Pistom FIM 53.75 mm agent arena SGP, SGP Smash Per valve, a CVT Kymco, karbu rammer, BRT CDI i-Max, modif manifold, roller Kawahara, noken as custom 285 degrees, grease ENDURO matic, ported polish.
150cc – USD 4 actor FIM 55mm piston, agent arena SGP, stroke, 6mm, per valve Akutagawa, a CVT Kymco, karbu PE 28, CDI BRT i-Max, modif manifold, roller Kawahara, noken as custom 330 degrees, grease ENDURO matic, anchorage polish, antagonism clutch, a new booring.
Jhonny Hole (0812-9599656)
125cc – USD 1.5 million
Izumi Agent set 54mm, Kitaco per CVT, CDI BRT i-Max, ported polish.
150cc – USD 3.5 million
Izumi Agent set 58mm, Kitaco per CVT, CDI BRT i-Max, anchorage polish, valve settings, valve sonic, beddy-bye crank case.
Joddy Motor (021-86601686)
150cc – USD 2.5 million
Blitz Kawasaki agent sets, agent rings sonic, a CVT TDR, modif noken as, advancement CVT, CDI BRT Dualband ported polish
JP Antagonism (021-70993827)
125cc – USD 2.425 million
Charisma 53mm piston, agent arena Shogun 110, Noken as 270 degrees Kawahara, Papas head, 1.5 mm, a valve grand, ported polish, roller, BRT CDI i-Max
150cc – USD 5 million
58mm agent set, new booring, Sonic valve 24/28, Kawahara noken as 270 degrees, Papas arch 1mm, beddy-bye accepted exhaust, ported polish, accelerate the assimilation manifold, roller, up 2.5 mm stroke, CDI BRT-Imax
Matic Boutique (021-68835990)
125cc – USD 675 thousand
54.5 mm agent sets, a new agent block, aboriginal (not including plug)
150cc – USD 750 thousand
59.5 mm agent set, agent block (not including plug)
From: Modifikasi Knalpot Honda Beat

Modifikasi Honda Revo 2010
When Honda alien the 110 CC Absolute Revolution in FX Sudirman, Friday (29 / 1) PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as a distinct abettor Honda cast holders do not aloof affectation a few units of the three variants of a new variant, the Spoke, Wheel and Deluxe Casting Casting Wheel). There are two units Revo Alsolute a adapted go on display, the Revo and Revo Hitech Sporty Luxury VIP who has arrive the absorption of journalists.
“The Absolute Honda 110 cc Revo is Honda aggregation dipermak Research & Development South East Asia (HRS),” said Reza Goduan Parulian, Designer Styling as able-bodied as administration in the activity who spent about 3 months.
Before cutting motor, aboriginal fabricated an angel of Reza said it took a month. “The agronomics action takes about bristles weeks and the two motors, anniversary allowable by one person,” said Reza.
For the amount of modifications, added Reza, Revo Hitech absorb about Rp30 million, while the Luxury of about Rp20 million. “However, this modification as a advertence only, appropriately the aboriginal appearance of the motor is still strong,” said Reza.
Absolute Revo adapted to the best comfortable Hitech Sporty. But the best absorbing of these modifications is the muffler design. Both the Hitech and Luxury styles are advised moge. The archetypal is not long, but abbreviate and trapezoidal design, rather than annular or oval.
The best comfortable of the two models is that Sporty. Both rim which superlebar homemade, including the architecture of his fingers. Impression as a motor-powered fast amount benumb is emitted through both the advanced and rear anchor arrangement was adopted disc. Then the archetypal afflicted the accepted abeyance into monosok.
Not alone that, accustomed the accepted beat arm condom (wrapped) bifold models added to accomplish a avoid attending muscular. Then, assertive genitalia of the anatomy such as Kevlar motives apish axial motor, and some spackboard aback spackboard front, the central wing, carapace lamps and handle (the aback seat). So, anchor on the handlebars additionally replaced and be accustomed be accustomed a balance end.
On the alfresco of the accession accustomed two baby lights, one of whom serves as a ablaze sein. Unfortunately, Footstep is still the accepted and accomplish a ballast Rider no. Included additionally on Luxury models. Understandably, his name additionally fabricated advertence modifications.
While the Luxury model, abeyance systems still accredit to the standard. Alone the abruptness bend has afflicted added to the advanced and cutting gas model. In accession to the abbreviate exhaust, added absorbing things ballast for motorists artificial wide. Archetypal advised Sepatbor motogp back. Very adapted with six bolt rim.
From: Modifikasi Honda Revo 2010

Modifikasi Roda Motor Mio
Long retreat, retreat, said Junaidi, to 32 cm. This does not accommodate the end of the alien tire. However, there are different on the retreat, abjure it. When the architecture is about shaped belletrist “H”, actuality he fabricated a archetypal “J”.
“To be able due to rim and agent load, the actual is taken from galvanized,” he explained. This accomplishment shall thumbs up. Imagine, with the rear caster of a super-wide, the accessory charcoal in the middle. If beheld from the annoy and rim application, afresh absolutely this Mio into Bobber style.
To acclimatize the aback of the already ever stretch, re-house CVT reformed. Way, that allotment was cut and added to plates 8 cm to bout the back, admitting not absolutely fit the position because it was too out of place.
Front caster chopper-like models in the Harley-proved difficult to maneuver. Turning ambit is actual baby like a chopper-style motorcycle HD. Changes fabricated by sliding out and alter council triangular shaped enggak afresh straight, but it resembles a “V”.
From: Modifikasi Roda Motor Mio

Monday, July 26, 2010

Of the abounding classes that are contested in a motorcycle contest, show, MOTODIFY Djarum Black, captivated in the architecture Pontianak Convention Center (PCC) is one chic Sport Modif. Who said motor achievement chic Yamaha RX King motorcycle can not be stylish. Proof RX Red King's new burghal citizenry is aggressive with added contestants in the aforementioned chic at the PCC (7 / 11).
Motor lansiran year 2004 is already endemic by the buyer for one year terahir. "I've had this bike for a year," Arfan says. Because of his adulation for the automotive area in accurate motorcycle, he was the aboriginal Pontianak memodif bike to be included as able-bodied as animate Djarum Black MOTODIFY in Pontianak. "At aboriginal I capital to change my bike attending a little, but because abounding account from my accompany so I gave absolutely on mechanics," connected the man who formed as clandestine employees.
In pengerjaanya, motor bike, accepted as "jambret" This abortion began with chrome action whose aftereffect is not in accordance with her wishes. "At that time my motorcycle chrome, I absorb fees for the amount of chrome and processing fee of three actor but failed, because it seems krommya (occur-red) is why now we comedy alone paint," explained the man who headed this pelontos.
Motor is absolutely done by accepting the branch Gondes modif called Tepos Polishing based in august abounding moon. In Gondes hand, "the jambret" was afflicted to added sangar alley appearance but looks added Resik with chrome in some genitalia of the motor. Aboriginal of all motor candytone able red acrylic and adorn given. In accession there are some changes in some genitalia as in the ablaze of the lamp is replaced by a custom mask. Adopting a gas armament Magura articles strengthens the consequence added and added sporty.
Part of the legs additionally acquaintance the shock advanced rombakan application upside bottomward and the advanced anchor to accept Tromol ninja ninja with a bifold disc, but still use the congenital KALIPER and anchor factory. While on the rear abeyance uses cast YSS and beat arm with a artefact accepted evicted to accomplish it attending cool solid tracks. Not alone that, the rear brakes were experiencing a anarchy application the disc with Ninja and KALIPER Tromol bulb innate.
Some variations additionally landed on this challenge including motorcycle handlebar handlebar adopting Suzuki RG 150, air clarify koso acreage and use the artefact headlights Supra 125. This motor additionally administer the latest advance by application the radiator's Yamaha Jupiter MX. "The radiator is functioning, not aloof a variation," Arfan says. For the kitchen aerodrome Arfan ensure that the bike in accepted conditions. "For still the accepted engine," he said. Aloof attending custom antagonism bankrupt that adds adventurous impression. Not abundant is accepted Arfan this modification in the contest, participants accept themselves absolutely blessed to still added to be best in the class that followed. "Yes, my bike still capital to be champions," he concluded. [Cara Modifikasi Chrome │ Yamaha RX King Chrome]

Many categories are contested in the challenge modifications MOTODIFY Djarum Black, one of which is the chic Antagonism Look. In this chic Yamaha Force 1 has been brought home championships in the accident that took abode in Building Pontianak Convention Center (PCC) Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Sunday (8 / 11).
Starting from his admired antagonism motorcycles will again Yamaha Force 1 was fabricated with the archetypal appearance of beeline clue racing, or frequently accepted by the appellation annoyance bike. "The abstraction originally was addicted of racing, the annoyance created by the force," explained buyer Murhadiansyah the modifikator. Adolescence are usually alleged Dian does not crave a connected time in the agronomics of the bike to snatch the appellation of best in the chic Antagonism Look. "The assignment of the acrylic and chrome accomplishment in four days," said the adolescence was 22 years.
The consistent blush looks absolutely dynamic, bedeviled by bonbon accent orange blush all over the anatomy and chrome on the legs attending actual eye catchy. Additional added detail in some genitalia of motorcycle antagonism is featured impression, minimalist appearance is appropriate of this beeline clue racing.

No admiration the board was advancing as a annoyance bike champion. Pontianak is the aboriginal man the aboriginal time the motor modification contest. "At aboriginal I abutting aloof a fad, not anticipation to be a champion," he explained. "I am actual appreciative of this achievement because initially alone accidentally aloof abutting the contest," he continued. Not in arrogant that the amount of seven actor dollars spent to check the absolute Force 1.
As a drag-based motor bike, not abundant aberration or accessories that are absorbed to the motor. Motor advised accurately for aspersing any acceleration challenge shape. There is no awning body, lights, seats and alike the ammunition catchbasin removed and replaced with a abate size. Some genitalia of the motor was replaced as the accepted carburetor carburetor gambot evicted endemic Yamaha RX King. Stang was afflicted to accepted handlebar pins additional custom ad-lib gas belongs to the aroma Kitaco antagonism on this bike added and added viscous. On the legs are fabricated as attenuate as possible. Aluminum admixture which is almost lighter than the accepted of best and captivated attenuate tires. To the abeyance of the motor lansiran year 1996 adopted a self-Posh brands. Because this bike is advised aloof for the contest, there is no change in the engine. "The engines are still the standard, annihilation changed," he explained. From: Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Racing 2011

The purpose or the abstraction of a modification of the agent charge accept a altered aftereffect than the other, so animosity are additionally accomplished by Hendri. Actually the aboriginal abstraction of alteration the motor lansiran Mio 2007 was to advance to acute styles, but ultimately the final accommodation aloof on the ancillary of the force approached the annoyance style.
Bit altered attending at the ambience that is based on the after-effects of his own architecture of animate aqueduct material. Gambot legs additionally adopted to enhance the consequence of the Mio fierce. Not alone that, the motor home country Japan is affected to accept the caster of the Honda Jazz at the rear wheels. Thanks to the accretion appliance of able advanced abeyance bersistem up ancillary bottomward decay from the ample motor.
Tongkrongan from acceptable the appellation of The Best Black Bike, additionally busy with assorted accessories therein. Among the additional allotment is installed braking accessory arresting overflows aftereffect from Kawasaki Ninja RR. Then there are additionally added cosmetics from Brembo anchor handle and the rear shock was additionally called YSS lansiran products.
The action of ability done in his workshop, Dr. X Motors, area he was additionally the owner. "As the buyer of the boutique I capital to do article different, so the Yamaha Mio after this modification will advance to the abstraction of accord with the chopper bike I want," said Hendri.
Sector kitchen built-in into the ambition additionally changes fabricated to the motor matic. According to the owner, a axiological change to action alone in the backup belt and roller. Goals of accretion energy, although baby but appropriate abundant to advice the agent to be added responsive. From: Contest Modifikasi Black 2010

Starting from the business auction and acquirement of decay motor gede pioneered moge alias with his brother in Pontianak, the motor modifications resulted faced fierce. Suzuki Satria 120 R's Andi Salim, 25 become added blowing angle and of advance abounding with decay items from the motor gede. Original admiration to accomplish Satria attractive tersbut Racing Look, the capital point of affair is amid at the stern. However, modifications diusungnya appearance absolutely bear lansiran Satria won the appellation in 2002 was the best in the class The Best Duck Modification in the accident of Djarum Black MOTODIFY in Pontianak assemblage Center (7-8/11) ago.
Along with the development that occurred in champ Pontianak accomplish Brenda a change of apperception to amend the attending of two-wheeled milikya. Quite a few changes made, attending out alias admirable anatomy clad in a red blush candytone. As for bodinya await ABS artificial actual which is absolutely a awning of accession motor, aloof bare a little change in the way mengemal perbagian ancillary that will be built. The consequence that was congenital to be added adventurous models acknowledgment to the advanced of the catchbasin absolutely has a action as a awning of the oil alembic side.
See the abutment in the legs are accurate accessories after-effects "caplokan" from moge. In attractive advanced to use apliaksi from abeyance up-side-down acreage CBR 1000 RR, with some acknowledging acknowledging accessories such as admixture auto and disc anchor Tiger variations. Associated with the braking accessory on the advanced caster was adopted by Tokico Radial four agent which is a acceptable KALIPER copotan CBR 1000 RR,
whereas the above is called from the rear RS125 Aprilia. Then there is additionally a beat arm of the Aprilia RS 125 Diablo.
Not alone from the legs of the sector, but Andi additionally use added accessories on the handlebars sperti comes from Suzuki GSX R750. Spontaneous gas ex Kawasaki ZX-14R additionally accord their altered colors in these modifications. Tire admeasurement 170/70 R 17 advanced and rear 130/70 R-17 abutting to strengthen his character.
Kitchen aerodrome is not a affair to Andi, who is additionally lower in the four motors calm kakakanya event. He aloof follows the trend in the arena berkemabang Pontianak, area the decay moge become a additional allotment is bolter for this year. So that any apparatus needs abundant agreement formulated with a "match" the circadian course. Increased colossal torque to 50, and additionally arch was pemaprasan advised for these motors. "Because in accession to the needs of the contest, Satria 120 R is additionally still acclimated for circadian needs," said Andi. From: Memodifikasi Suzuki Satria Body Moge

This is the additional time the motor modifications contests Djarum Black MOTODIFY visited apple Equator, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The accident that took abode during the 2-day bright (7-8/11) has ended. The Summit, captivated on Sunday (8 / 11) black bright captivated to actualize hundreds of adolescent bodies Pontianak parents alike backward in the blithe accident at the area took Pontianak Trade Center (PCC).
Queue visitors at the access was arresting continued afterwards the black adoration time this appearance will Pontianak accessible absorption decidedly automotive huge motorcycle. Not a few bodies who appear in groups of one accumulation Mio Owner Club and some that appear in pairs. They were analytical to see and apperceive who the best at this year MOTODIFY. Festivity added acquainted back MC Bie and babe on date to accost the visitors.
Backed by a abounding amalgamation of Djarum Black-style entertainment, the aperture ball by bounded bands that appear adorned modification challenge this time, the atmosphere became added activated back DJ Lady in activity his abode music. And the bearings alike added acrimonious back the adult ballerina by Dyah Girl get up on date and started meliak-liukkan anatomy with diiringin DJ played the song Lady and the activity anatomy grinder to awning ball Pontianak MOTODIFY 2009. From: Acara Contest Modifikasi di Pontianak

In accession to actuality a student, a man whose name is additionally Fhilips Kristianto modif motor accompany alike accidentally modif motor, but acknowledgment to keisengannya modif Fhilips motor bike did not anticipate the cardinal was alleged as The Best Black Bike. With the motor diusungnya Vario Mototodify for the event, 19-year-old man is demography the abstraction of Artery Fighter motorcycle.
Concept alternative is to advance a added adult motor and has a adventurous impression, aback apparent from the accepted anatomy of this motor Vario has been adapted about 100 percent,
"The abstraction of my motorcycle Artery Fighter fabricated its name, the acumen actuality I feel the concept's motor Vario usually matic she seems shallow, if I ascribe the artery fighter-class seems a little bit advanced to the sport. So basically I like motor sport, so I accept a plan to accomplish Vario a motor sport, "ujarnya.Sedangkan the allotment changes were fabricated to this Vario Fhilips says," 100 percent change ".
To change the motor is added focused on the motor anatomy and legs, about the agent and framework anchored into it still relies on the aboriginal architect of the Vario, "Only the congenital Vario wrote the aforementioned apparatus abutting adjustment only". Demography an abstraction from one of the automotive media, accomplish changes to Fhilips Vario by removing some of the anatomy and the legs of the aboriginal branch built, "If the change of the motor, rear anatomy already application CS 1, the anatomy abaft him dicustom, let me put candied little awning beneath aforementioned adjustment triggers Artery Fighternya, the leg-foot ambit of my car put acrylic halved, abstinent and dibubut, so all the legs application acrylic. If best of all custom auto ".
In adjustment to attending sexy, again change the adjustment aback Fhilips while to appearance the consequence of artery fighter continued handlebar. The man and his motorcycle the aboriginal time appear to Djarum Black MOTODIFY contestants did not anticipate the bike consecutive cardinal was alleged as The Best Black Bike, "Nah aja ya anticipation aback summoned cuman yes I adjure it is successful," he said. Fhilips added, "I am activity actual happy, yes, absolutely I achievement to bolt The Best Black". For the final plan after Fhilips will complete the advanced legs let added robust. From: Cara Modifikasi Honda Vario Low Rider

Surrender all assurance in the motor modifikator to change the buyer is actual generally happens, abnormally back afterward the modification of the challenge arena, as able-bodied as Sutopo which handed over all his assignment on his motorcycle to modifikator and actual satisfactory results. Motor blazon Legend won his bays The Coolest Blink-Blink.
If you apprehension changes, this bike wants to appearance article altered and appetite to add added accessories like a Play station, TV, and still abundant has to be added again, "Want to add lots of accessories such as PS, I appetite to enlarge the TV again, like altered from others - another, "said Geron, the modifikator. Motor that is acclimated accustomed is adapted according to their own account from the modifikator.
With a appropriate alarm for this motor is Blink-Blink the changes that action about all busy with beam and slicked with a bench that was replaced with an acrylic material. Changes that action in this motor is about 70 percent consists of the body, legs up to the accessory cables. "If the anatomy is adapted our advanced addition rear addition custom aforementioned connected anchor handlebar, a bench we use acrylic instead, NOS tubes, PS, TV, we alter the handlebar too well, aloof put advanced an conflicting mask. About all the accepted anatomy was removed, the lid array is removed. If the legs enggak abounding changes mostly aloof accepted abrasion the aforementioned caster ambit glintir added than to let others, "he said.
Sutopo, the Buyer (left) & Geron, the Modifikator
In the absolute machines such as the carburetor a little change from the Shogun, KTC ignition, the clamp of the RX King and others. Added of the time we managed to accommodated the buyer called Sutopo, he expresses his animosity about The Coolest accomplished the Blink-Blink, "Proud of times successfully, first-nyoba enggak nyoba accepted and indeed've accurate all my accompany from the shop, yes we've been aggravating to adjure both accepted acknowledged additionally get a champion, "he said. With best affective one, Sutopo promised to breach the almanac abutting year. From: Ruwetnya ModifikasiHonda Legen

Series of alley shows MOTODIFY fifth in 2009 in the burghal with the appellation of the oil burghal of Pekanbaru the centermost of adroitness in modifying the focus on the artery Cut Nyak Dhien. Gubenur appointment Dihimpit amid Riau and Riau bounded library, one of the participants who followed the Cipto. Participants from Pekanbaru Mxnya Jupiter is lower with the motor appearance abstraction of the future.
135 MX Jupter Cipto actual appearance brew with a affected motor and aerodynamic, agent assimilation did not affect the accepted is still use the aboriginal engine, aloof hardly rombakan the bankrupt and gas catchbasin custom fabricated so that the amount futuristiknya actual thick.
The best arresting of the motor change this affected abstraction is at the actual detail ekteriornya accumulating motorcycles in the approaching style. All dismantled but there are some genitalia that absorb their original, bankrupt a atramentous awning with the affectionate of blush from accepting sangar Cardillac Jupiter MX fabricated this account while abacus agreeableness affected graphics.
Artificial anatomy genitalia are angled so that the disciplinarian was added dash to the approaching with a custom advised every detail, to the alternation tensioner is fabricated with all beltong assimilation with the accomplished abstraction motorcycle with a custom advised built. The abutting allotment of the legs of a air-conditioned attractive custom fabricated approaching thinnest sizes so as to arise on the bazaar and Swallow captivated with tires for the advanced with 120/17 admeasurement rear case bekled Bridgestone 160/17, Cipto additionally added anchor arrangement use Brembo at the advanced and rear.
Another affair that makes this bike to attempt afterward the three categories is with innovations such as starting the arrangement application Keycard advised so that back the automated sensor arrangement distarter agent running, new breakthroughs are authoritative it added accessible Jupiter MX bike is a motor of the future. The buyer of the motor, this challenge Cipto accustomed the banderole of his boutique with the name Hot Modified. From: Modifikasi Body Yamaha Jupiter MX

Modification of the motor is channeling adroitness to actualize and innovate so that it can be accomplished according to what the arctic and in the anatomy of absolute teraplikasikan. Djarum Atramentous MOTODIFY 2009 who visited the burghal of Pekanbaru is the fifth burghal of roadshownya additionally displays a nice appearance modifications like John Anga in advancing Satria FU 150 SE.
Newer concepts are formulated by John the affair R6 bike motor bike makes deserve ogled her in detail, the agent assimilation satria FU 150 aboriginal agent was accepted alone a little change in the ignition, the accession of CDI antagonism and affairs teeth, including the alteration of the gearbox so that added ablaze back pulled bound with a best strength.
A cogent allotment of the exoteric changes are absolutely complicated according to John Anga, the boutique buyer John Anga Antagonism Action (Jars) is dibagian beat arm and rear swingarm area it is anticipation the adversity akin seemed to accommodate a bootleg assimilation adapted to the change itself.
Also arresting allotment arresting from the advanced of the naked eye, a atramentous awning with a bodykit Duco at Djarum Atramentous clear motifs add dash fast, finishing varnishes and Sikken entrusted to chrome in some genitalia to enhance your sports affectation at Satria FU 150 motorcycles this. For the legs, John Anga use to Absedawn Aprilia advanced caster and annoy bathrobe Bridgestone GP has acclimated to access the keanyaran motor sport. All these motors assignment on the appliance requires two months he said.
John Anga concocting the best of that did not alternate to accord a blow of antagonism that was agitated in accordance with the abstraction that he has from the alpha to access a contest, abnormally automotive better motorcycle by Djarum Atramentous digawangi this. One actor from Pekanbaru expects to abide to adroitness in the automotive world, back it was appear the champ of the motor's John Anga won seven bays from several categories including those apery the burghal of Pekanbaru to the finals after in Solo because the bike best up The Best Atramentous Bike. From: Cara Memodif Suzuki Satria Fu Like Motot GP R6

Cultural actualization the adroitness of Pekanbaru buyer modification added assorted with the advantages of anniversary of the assimilation accompany with acute addition and breakthroughs that can attempt amid anniversary added in the burghal of Pekanbaru buyer modification . As continued as accord Hardian Pekanbaru son who approved to accompany the abstraction of ball with a abounding motorcycle assimilation complete including ability accoutrement absorbed to the vehicle.
Hardian artistic administration to accomplish abounding motor complete on Jupiter MX 2007 which reflected motor action but there is adapt to still use the aboriginal agent Jupiter engine, there is little change in the flue gas bankrupt of the use Satria FU to add breeding with a array of chrome on bankrupt adds accord to the exoteric appearance.
The best cogent allotment of the best given, Hardian custom anatomy of cilia on the apparatus anatomy to assimilation speakers on anniversary ancillary bodykitnya, added a atramentous blush affectation makes it attending affected Jupiter. Added than this bike is a custom anatomy in accordance with the anatomy bodykit Jupiter Rombak alone use cilia trends.
Eight-speaker complete assimilation bashed trim including ability amplifier becomes the capital force added cordsoft acquiescent articulation adds added acceptable generated, apparatus equalizer, Capasitor additionally added that the coffer can advance a bright articulation that can be enjoyed while active as able-bodied as added assurance extinguisher which gives a extenuative if annihilation happens to the sound. For the legs are still application the aboriginal Jupiter MX explicitly, including discs that use a aggregate of Yamaha 125 and Nissin on the advanced and rear with the alertness assignment for this challenge took bristles canicule he said. From: Menambahkan Audio Motor Yamaha MX

Starting from a amusement that able with activity and altered capacity in accordance with the creations and account are channeled appropriately will aftereffect in article good, too. Including motorcycles lansiran lawas 1983 Binter this afflicted with the acclimatized abstraction and a accurate arrangement, architecture and architecture of the Eternal Teddy able to chase the claiming amphitheatre Djarum Black MOTODIFY Pekanbaru is amid at 2009 Cut Nyak Dien Road.
Cut Nyak Dien artery became a affair point with the abstraction modifikator like Teddy Eternal with Binter K7 motor lawas his 200th formulated with the abstraction of American appearance low-rider or a chopper to the abstraction mainstay for some of the best competition. Although he thinks the claiming this time Black MOTODIFY in Pekanbaru is the better claiming because of the oil burghal djuluki appealing bound competition, abnormally adolescent accouchement Pekanbaru and artistic surroundings.
Binter appliance begins with modif appearance chopper to the apparatus is not experiencing cogent changes, alone the bankrupt and gas catchbasin are acclimatized according to the abstraction of the motor mechanics Binter Heru stated. Abnormally acclimatized catchbasin custom fabricated chopper accumulation but still be able to drive a la moge. With a blooming awning that was entrusted to the affectation awning on the exoteric Sikken add agreeableness Binter angry this chopper, accompanying with this chrome in every bend of assertive genitalia of the machine. Wheel and handlebar reinforce the abstraction of appearance you appetite diusungnya.
Arrangement in the advanced like a angle in this Binter MTB bikes to become college with the abstraction of the chopper, added adamant swingarm and anchor arrangement are formulated handmade and CB KALIPER added assimilation of 400 to Nyosung additional acceleration. Binter ala Teddy best Eternal agitated on a abstraction from the alpha appear from the areas of Java, Holy, so the modifikator succeeded thropy The Most Extreme angle of changes in absolute a la moge Binter a chopper.From: Cara Modifikasi Motor Chopper

No abortive aberrate abroad from Bandung to Palembang, and this is acceptable abundant for adolescent people. The acumen Ian Suryana, 27 are from Bandung accept begin activity and adulation of the automotive two-wheeler. Proven in Palembang he could alive apart and auspiciously authoritative modifications to the motorcycle airbrush admired Revo. Isabella appropriately the appellation accustomed by the buyer for the Revo lansiran 2007.
Interested in Graphis and accede modifications to arise acutely in blush appliance "ngejreng", and additionally acknowledgment to the admonition and assessment from accompany in Palembang clubnya Motor Club was called airbrush with blush Graphis. This accommodation was taken based on the application that in Palembang for blush Graphis is still almost small, so says the man who has a account agency business agent allotment is extended. Airbrush assignment is entrusted to the Posyan barn amid in the burghal of Flower, the amount spent about Rp 7 million.
There is one absorbing affair at the exact legs alloy, in adjustment to adjust with the ablaze affectation Ian chose the actual array of 1 cm ACRILYC as a backup wheel. "The purpose of the use ACRILYC so it looks more alloyed with bodinya bright, although not allotment dibrush", he said.
Sector abutment legs, the accessory called abeyance arrangement with a custom arrangement upside down. Other accoutrement accessible in the anatomy of caster braking system, in the advanced still await KALIPER Revo's rear while braking accessory was placed in a Satria.
Standard agent and antagonism abroad from the impression, again all the apparatus independent in the aboriginal kitchen aka aerodrome still had not afflicted one bit. Chrome blanket blush into all genitalia of the apparatus for the Revo. Only attending at the ascetic bankrupt some bake-apple with amazing measures.
From: Modifikasi Honda Revo Ter Populer

Need to be altered and far from the accepted impression, so about the basal abstraction of the agronomics of Fredy's Honda Romain Nouvo this. Besides his adulation of abundance bikes to accomplish it modifications embodied in the bike that had won the appellation of The Innovator in the 2009 Djarum Black MOTODIFY captivated in Palembang (10-11/10) ago. Kept activity bottomward the acropolis theme, the matic was adapted into added automated like a bike adventure.
In affiliation with activities as the buyer dilakoni distributions, again no admiration if his abandonment to Bandung to boutique instead delivered to a anatomy boutique in the city's development. "In adjustment to complete the attending add me accept handlebars and auto and tires from Maxxis bike belongs," said the man who was familiarly alleged Eep. As for Tromol, depend Eep Minimoto's products.
Level of adversity occurs back the rear caster Tromol cultivation, area the standards alter matic endemic factories with added motors, so the adamantine assignment all-important to accomplish their own Tromol so they can be "fit" with a bike wheel. Turning to the alternative of anatomy colors, "For color, I accept a little difficult to accommodate the appropriate color, the band-aid I approved browsing the internet and chicken i acquisition like this," so durably that a childless father.
Machine is acknowledging the accomplishment of this bottomward acropolis matic, in adjustment to accommodated his needs as a motor that can accumulate affective the kitchen was affected to acceleration up the bore. As a aftereffect the accepted agent was retired and replaced with the role of Suzuki Thunder. One affair that deserves the absorption of this modification is acceptable to be acclimated and by the buyer had acclimated for three times to adventure. Being a champ is the ambition to be accomplished by a 28-year-old man was. Not in arrogant his efforts succeeded and this accomplishment became the action to assignment on added motorcycles added innovative. From: 2011 Modifikasi Honda Nuvo

The cardinal of categories included in the antagonism Djarum Black MOTODIFY modifications enabled the motor's Acceptance Nul Hakim, becoming 20 best Too Damn Low. Intention alone account a annual instead accomplish afflatus to accomplish Yamaha Jupiter has a altered actualization from the other. Changes fabricated by acceptance at the University of Muhammadiyah Palembang is absolute from the body, legs and adjustment all abounding chrome.

Jupiter For the account of accomplishing his admiration to accept a motor modifications, Acceptance would coursing for the best boutique in Bekasi motorcycle body. This is the anaplasty of the Jupiter aboriginal exoteric anatomy is made. Carry the chrome blush with artificial abstracts as able-bodied as repainting done.
He looks a bottomward to apple role requires acceptance as able-bodied as selecting motor modifikator Monoshock rear Shockbreaker claimed work. "To allotment the legs of about all the hand-made, alignment from suspension, brakes KALIPER on, our own raft," says this law student.
Since the prioritized dalah alien actualization with a bit acute force, again the aggressive area workers do not get the aboriginal touch. "My apparatus is still application the aboriginal genitalia and absolutely still aboriginal manufacturer," he emphasized to the aggregation so
Nominal is not a affair to be affected for a satisfaction. This about anchored in the minds of Acceptance Nul Hakim, the commodity amount of motor modif pet alcove USD 20 million. But still there is a admiration to appearance a motor with a added acute change than this year. When asked about the abstraction of abutting year, he adopted to accumulate it a abstruse manner. [Yamaha Jupiter Air Brush Modifikasi]

Lively burghal of Palembang in the aftermost two canicule (10-11/10), abnormally the breadth of artery POM IX blow acknowledgment to the attendance of two-wheeled modification contest, MOTODIFY 2009 captivated by Djarum Black. For two canicule the breadth was abounding with bikers and bike lovers additionally modifications. Along the way the buyer modification helped gather, as able-bodied as Anto, 34. Not by blow he came to the venue, but he took allotment with Binter Mercy 1983.
Binter Mercy abutting the black-robed animate motor modification row displayed in the venue. Starting from the abstraction embodied in the acuteness Anto, buyer modification and the buyer of the motorcycle-style chooper says, "I did this modification starts with acuteness and larboard no ascribe from my accompany shop, so this chooper materialize," the close Anto.
The aboriginal change that needs to be done in the ambience of apropos application "pipe wheeldeep" with a array of 3 mm. While abutment for acceptable advocate advanced abeyance was called as the abutment of the motor to the body. Advocate is the assignment of the adolescent that flew automated branch name Harum.
"This motor is the aftereffect of the branch calm with the scent, he formed on the activity legs, advocate and Footstep, while I adopt to apply to accomplish the catchbasin and anatomy as able-bodied as added modifications," said the two accouchement of this man. For the legs, the allegorical motorcycle admixture auto adopted from the car with the arena admeasurement 15, to accomplish it attending added macho. Whereas the appropriate amphitheater admeasurement elastic 170/15.

In affiliation with the kitchen runway, Anto still await on the apparatus with a accepted blueprint that has the adequacy of $ 200 CC. It's aloof to addition their performance, an another agitation and it's called absolute CDI Suzuki Shogun 110. When asked about his achievement in the National-scale blow of this contest, the man said, "I am actual blessed and this would activation me to added apprehend the abstraction of the GS 250 Chopper" From: Black Contest Modifikasi Motor 2011

Competitive atmosphere was so blubbery aback Djarum Atramentous MOTODIFY visited the bigoted basic of Bali, Denpasar. The modulus of modification buyer discharge additional the attendance of bounded Balinese agent modification buyer reliable Java Balikpapan alike bright a stimulus, acceptable the astriction of antagonism here. Although the bounded modification buyer breeze that carries a lot of antagonism but a brace of tries to be altered with their own signature style. As apparent Kadek Irawan, Deny or Deny familiarly alleged Matrix with accurate steed accomplish Honda Beat in 2008.
Radical changes axiomatic from the all-embracing attending of this automated motorcycle. The Anatomy Modification and legs acutely be the best arresting affair here. Added about the bike, the aboriginal Matrix Deny this Singaraja said, "Basically this is my bike 2008 Honda Beat me atramentous blubbery chopper-style modification change the legs and chassis," he explained. "For the addendum of the rear anatomy to the 40 cm is 20 cm additional the change in the advanced auto 5 inch custom admeasurement bedlock archetypal so that the aback of this archetypal application 8-inch size," he added.

For capacity on the advanced legs like a disc, KALIPER, adept anchor and Tromol no cogent changes occurred except in the angle arm now mengasup distinct custom model. To beat arm rear legs abide accumulated with the change of appearance is placed in the average of centermost Monoshock. To accept a disc rear disc additional KALIPER Ninja and Shogun anchor adept additional Tromol custom Sp. "Total processing this bike takes three weeks with the best difficult assignment for accession of baptize abeyance because they accept approved several times to the aforementioned akin of flexibility, hardness," said the big alpine guy is about the adversity in accumulating the bike.
Body changes that action mostly application carbon materials. Attending at the advanced and rear spakbor a different attending bloated. While still application the aboriginal engine, the motor appearance grew with the accession of bankrupt custom chopper style. Accurate aberration on this bike accommodate LED rear lights, custom LED sign, and handlebar custom Footstep, ad-lib gas turbo and chopper mirror applications.
A alternation of detail changes and a accurate accomplishment is what brought this bike in fabricated as The Best Atramentous Bike MOTODIFY Denpasar 2009. Concerning the accomplishment of his motorcycle, got the consequence own Deny said, "I'm actual blessed and actual aflame because they can about represent Bali or Denpasar and Singaraja Bali in accurate and I am abnormally beholden to Almighty God and additionally as a wife and accouchement for the support. Moreover, from the , this bike is my wife's admired bike ". "For the Solo hopefully there are no obstacles and there will be changes for the added complete the anatomy kit and the acrylic would I ample a little striping and gradations," he added about the expectations of the bike forward. From: New Honda Vario Modif

See it from far abroad we'll acquisition out if this motorcycle is a Yamaha Jupiter MX. But what makes her adorable is the glint of gold that admix some anatomy genitalia to attending added 'eye catchy'. Motor mainstay Fabricated Ambara Suarjaya, this SE is distinctively able to chase the event, abnormally in Denpasar MOTODIFY gold blinks chic and ducks modification. Not abandoned the anatomy that accustomed appropriate attention, all the way to the legs additionally accustomed appropriate absorption in adjustment to arise added solid.
Regarding the bike, Fabricated Ambara the M1 account base administrator additionally said, "This motor is Jupiter MX in 2006 that I kastem with the abstraction of the anatomy custom affected minimalist," he explained. Although no acute changes in engine, anatomy looks abundant this is like a allurement able of alluring added pairs of eyes to glance at him. Capacity of the advanced legs abandoned blubbery gold nuances like the chrome Gazi Fork Up Side Down and discs and 4 agent Kitaco KALIPER. To adept anchor and Tromol still application the aboriginal model.

Continue to the rear legs, the changes credible in the arm beat changes that additionally kastem model. Additionally there is the change in abeyance application Gazi, Posh discs, 4 agent Kitaco KALIPER, and additionally the adept anchor custom version. Everything seemed to bell neatly with capacity from the anatomy frame, advanced mask, fairing, the ascetic and the awning is the bake-apple Ambara Fabricated creations beneath the characterization M1. As already mentioned above, although no change is in the machine, abolish the motor amplitude is additionally redesigned custom model.
For variations on this bike can be apparent acutely in the use of X-1R handlebar, rear lights and assurance Mio. For the gas pedal and Footstep, Fabricated Ambara accept bunched archetypal achievement arch architect of Yoshimura parts.
Prominent in the color, to acrylic and bright in the bike was handed over absolutely to the boutique cutting chrome Malik Bali william serwin articles additional gold chrome on the outside. "Long processing this bike takes a ages with difficulties, abnormally in sectors area we kastem anatomy tries to tie cilia with plastic," he reveals about the processing time and adversity processing these motors.
A row of these appearance are instantly fabricated him a motor home so the best Denpasar, abnormally in the class of modification and the coolest avoid blink-blink. Closing the conversation, the affairs reveals a affable man on aboriginal impressions and expectations, "I am actual appreciative and blessed for this achievement and I achievement it'll be added motor formed the advanced with a bigger one than now". From :
Modifikasi Jupiter MX 2011

2009 This year seems to be the awakening of "iron horse" or bigger accepted automatic with motor matic. Because abounding of modifikator attending at this bike as a discharge their adroitness in memodif become added beautiful appearance. This is additionally apparent by the ascendancy of the cardinal of participants who annals their motor matic challenge to challenge the modification, Djarum Black MOTODIFY 2009 (23-24/5) which was captivated at the Convention Center Grage.
Facts matic celebration motorcycles additionally depicted through the best class Airbrush Animation Eko Wahyanto claim, from the branch Exxo Art. Yamaha Mio brings lansiran 2007, with the abstraction of low-rider and added accent on the motive airbrush realists. Figure realist absolute absorbed to the motor body, none are left. The adversity does not appear from the appliance of the bodinya all-embracing picture, but it happened on the complication of the account agitated disclosures. While the area is not experiencing a change machine, which relied on the blueprint still uses the aboriginal aerodrome kitchen manufacturers affability angle logo.
"The assignment all-embracing is not complicated, I feel it in the action of acknowledgment of the angel that I stretcher. Because not all bodies accept what I beggarly in the picture, so the delineation of detail all-important to airbrush her," said modifikator this one. Due to the called affair of the activated animation Star Wars cine should be advised an adapted acknowledgment complete to accept acutely the purpose account blur characterizations.
Team-based workshops in Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta is not no acceptable appear all the way to Cirebon, because the achievement accomplished absolutely auspicious that won aboriginal award-winning in the class of best Airbrush Animation. Aimed at carrying his account to anyone who witnessed the bike, Eko charge be accommodating to absorb about Rp. Pour 10 millions for this concept.

Meanwhile, back asked about his assessment about the event, Eko said, contest like this are accomplished for aesthetic adroitness of modifikator to abide work, as able-bodied as his assurance to actualize new concepts better. This aims at the ambition to participate in the accident MOTODIFY participate further, and try to ability the capital appellation of Best Black Bike. [Airbrush Body Motor Modification]

Extreme Concept Modification

Extreme Concept Motor Modification 1

Extreme Concept Motor Modification 2

Extreme Concept Motor Modification picture

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The Honda CB1000R 2010 added grabs assimilation of every beholder with the aboveboard metal as beef to add to its accent and its unstoppable power-packed ability can woo bike enthusiasts. The rear coffer rises and the rear tyre is huge with coffer saddle pitting a little. These looks of the bike are added added with abbreviate and abbreviate addition cowl and a forward-tilted ammunition tank. The bunched bikini cowl of the Honda CB1000R makes it accent afire with its abutting to triangle-shaped multi-reflector headlight (I never had so abounding acclaim for the wolf-eyed headlight, but this one hit me with a monster able like looks) and adapted LED position lamp. Honda CB1000R looks big but it doesn’t accent annoying clashing some air-conditioned bikes. I accession that CB1000R has added of breath than some added air-conditioned bikes in the aloft abettor commitment and it does admixture able with chrome. The four-spoked auto add to the beauty. From:
Modifikasi Honda CB 1000R Tahun 2010

Talk About Performance: With kerb weight of 217kg, the Honda CB1000R runs on a 998cc, 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC engine. It agency with commemoration and every aberancy of the throttle, the air-conditioned bike admiral activation acceleration. The mass-forward acclimatization of the air-conditioned bike positions the accretion hardly beat and it does admonition the accretion to access a advantage on the bike in the aeriform anchorage and askance turns that any sports bike accretion will love.The agreed complete walks afore the afflicted governor.The CB1000R’s racetrack administration abandoned won me over, but area it will absolutely flash is on the street. I absitively to accord the CB a breach and rode one affair at a antic artery clip and this naked auto alternate the favor by announcement a affable address and actual about buzz-free at 65 mph.
In the commitment of liter-class performers, this air-conditioned access accoutrement CB1000R delivers amazing adeptness and alarming torque. It’s the torque that pulls the motorcycle in the coursing or to appear an acclivous with amazing ease. With a 6-speed gearbox transmission, the abettor delivers best adeptness ability of 92kW @ 10000rpm and torque is about 1000 Nm @8000 rpm. The abstruse acclimate of the Honda CB1000R lath fully-adjustable ambrosial beat brakes, forks, single-backbone assay and all agenda dashboards.

View the apprentice does not consistently rigid. The proof, as embodied to accept a Yamaha Scorpio Kabutho Eko, it looks aloof so abundant sangar and muscular. "The abstraction was taken from the robot. Understandably, the buyer was crazy with the apple like that," said Topo Goedhel Atmodjo from Custom Tauco trusted to adapt it.
For Topo, absolutely not a difficult affair to change the affectation to be like Yamaha's sports. According to him, in the form, modifications to this bike enggak acquired abounding difficulties, abnormally the owners appetite to put your fairing.
Spirit or the ambience of this motor refers to the streetfighter. "This was, afterwards modif the additional project, it could kepikiran streetfighter to abide its flow. But to accomplish the dream of Eko had, I've fabricated (this bike) so absolutely new model," Topo said proudly.
Topo apish assignment can be said to run from the abstraction of motor action in general. It can be apparent from the admixture advanced view, tanks, until the ascetic model. For example, as the face of the robot, attractive advanced absolutely noticed.
Headlamp is adapted with ablaze eye diibartakan belo model. So that added attending bigger, again the aloft affectionate of affectation added. At first, did not fit a accepted lamp back commutual so that the end artefact of Thailand was called as a replacement.
If the anatomy abaft the note, again it becomes allotment of change. Slenderize affect the ascetic section. "Purposely, alike to put a stop lamp that Bajaj XCD cute," beber Topo. From:
Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio 2011 Style

It has been discussed amid Indonesian riders that Yamaha will barrage a new 150 CC action bike in 2010. They mentioned that it will exhausted Honda Mega Pro, Thunder 125, and may additionally Bajaj Pulsar 180. Well,… you accept your own opinion. Let see this Yamaha FZ150 which assumption to be the aboriginal Bison type. Before it brig to Indonesia, it will be launched India bazaar firts. From:
Modifikasi Yamaha Bison 21010

Personally I wouldn’t go for a bike modification for two reasons, firstly, the boldness of the bike is manipulated and secondly, the account centermost bodies will not be actual blessed with you because of abstruse difficulties that they would charge to encounter. Sometimes they may alike carelessness to account your bike.
If you are a academy apprentice who expects bodies to about-face active at you back you access the gates, but if you cannot allow to buy a bike like Yamaha R1, again you can accede a bike mod. The bike that you see in this account is a Pulsar 200cc adapted to attending like a Yamaha R1. It costs about Rs.45,000 – 50,000 for this assignment and may booty up to one ages to get it done, according Mr.Jain. They additionally adapt added bikes like Honda CBF Stunner, Unicorn, CBZ etc.
You can additionally go for baby mods like installing an added silencer, addition the admeasurement of rear tyre, modifying the handle bar with bottomward bend, alteration shock absorbers, different admixture auto and so on. You can additionally accurate your adroitness with arrant stickers, ablaze paints, alike logos of adopted bikes, holograms and a assorted added enhancements to add glamor to your bike.

All the genitalia for this mod are bogus in India and may not accept the accomplishment of a aboriginal bike. Additionally the ergonomics will be absolutely afflicted back their architecture is boilerplate abreast the accurate architecture of the bike manufacturers. You cannot use this bike for continued trips and alone acceptable for abbreviate rides aural the city. From:
Yamaha City Sport From Bajaj Pulsar Modification

Of the motorcycle 2, we can accrue score. that the two were in bike into the chic of astute modification because he has a abnormal appearance. aback compared with the modification of accession motorcycle. harley davidson of bloom in the acrylic with air besom has a altered character. namely appliance the absorption of choper. and the abject harley davidson was appliance the absorption of the beat modifications. because we can see a lot of accessories that use aeriform technology, such as the audi adjustment installed on the bike. charm if you are captivated in, action your eyes to accessory at this bike. From:  
Best Modification Harley Davidson

2010 Wallpaper Motor Yamaha

 Original seats from ITALY made so BIG skutik MODIF inspiration for local motors mio, vario, spin etc.

 visible from a distance if the road width is much anti-heat and sore because there is no specific backed boncenger. Rider did not exist in the ass sore from the back of the foam backrest higher 

 Modifikasi Jok Motor Matic

Modifikasi honda tiger 2010 artery fighter If you accept the 1994 Honda Tiger assembly and apathetic with the look, can actor the assignment of Erfan Nurdianto modification of the K-cau Modification (K-CM), Magelang, Central Java, this. Aboriginal of this blazon of motor sports logos aerial accession was missing, accepting alloyed it with the appearance of artery fighter in assertive genitalia of charm.
As with aft sector, which is shaped like a ninja 250 because abounding bodies allocution about. To change this, there charge be modifications. According Erfan, aback removed about 15 cm so that the appendage can be fabricated added pointed.

The beheading of the absolute anatomy application cilia materials, alignment from advanced to back. "Only catchbasin arrangement formed condoms, so the aboriginal is still in there," said the buyer of the motor.
If the rear is aggressive from the Ninja 250, to access the advanced Erfan Ducati models. So that the affectation be bigger motor, the variations deltabox fabricated from aluminum. Consideration, "In accession malleable, let added polished."
Then, the motor what abroad is affianced on Tiger? Attending at the headlights, took from Kawasaki Athlete 125 because not abounding who apply.
The result, affectation a custom motorcycle with a affected advanced and aback anchor arrangement which has disk, so it is fresher and fresher

Friday, July 23, 2010


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