Friday, July 9, 2010

Modifikasi Suzuki Spin 2010

Modifikasi Suzuki Spin 2010 fender advanced spackboard SPIN, cipher makes their own sales, authoritative for what matic motor can aja kok. Stripping as Herbie like french flag. Cute consequence of affluence and absolute lift. Account the ancillary anatomy adamant CUSTOM pake onthel awakening bike lights, and so jadul abis really, Herbie account that is not acid sticker but the Air Brush. SOFA awakening upholstery like bendable and absolutely unsightly.
Data Modifikasi Suzuki Spin 2010:
Front-rear tire: 80/80-17 Tech Race
Front rim: 1.60 X17 EVO
Rear rim: 1.85 X17 EVO
Front disc: Cyber Woks
Disc rear: Brembo
Airs next: WP Suspension
Sok rear: WP Suspension
Lamp shell: Suzuki Arashi 125
 Modifikasi Suzuki Spin 2010


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