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Modifikasi Knalpot Honda Beat
Although somewhat besutan newer, but already abounding workshops that accommodate bore-up amalgamation for Honda Beat. Devices that charge be adored too little, depending on needs. “Put the agent is added big, so the capital card for the jack to the agent accommodation increase,” said Sena Ponda, abstruse adviser Matic Padepokan on Jl. Muh. Joseph Raya, Depok, West Java, which usually handles bore-up motor racing.
Piston Set
To access the aggregate of the engine, the agent charge be exchanged for a accepted added besutan / aftermarket beyond bore (Fig.1). Purpose is to accomplish gasoline bake in the allowance for more, so that agitation increases.
“If for daily, 125-150 cc is sufficient. Added than that would drive beneath adequate and the agent beating was bigger, “explained Coky, JP Antagonism bang-up at Jl. Paradise No.6E-F, Bintaro, the accepted Jaksel composition bore Scooter alley race.
Coil / CDI Racing
This is to advance the letikan atom plugs for added complete agitation and best (Fig.2). “With antagonism CDI and braid achievement is affirmed to rise,” said Julius, boutique owners Johnny Holle Motor (JHM).
Per CVT Racing
Create advance the alteration of ability from the agent to the automated transmission, approved tuners use a CVT Antagonism (gbr.3).
“The blueprint harder than the original, so that the active force / tekannya additionally strong. This is to affected the annular did not let too lelet, “said Ario Joddy, goalie Joddy Motor (JDM) in Jl. Jatiwaringin artery No.1A, Pangkalan Jati, East Jakarta.
Well, if the addition was not annoyed with the changes and allotment of the application, for a thicker pockets can add antagonism bankrupt and antagonism carburetor with venturi holes beyond than the standard.
Bore Up Amalgamation List
Padepokan Matic (0812-838146)
125cc – Rp 2 million
Pistom FIM 53.75 mm agent arena SGP, SGP Smash Per valve, a CVT Kymco, karbu rammer, BRT CDI i-Max, modif manifold, roller Kawahara, noken as custom 285 degrees, grease ENDURO matic, ported polish.
150cc – USD 4 actor FIM 55mm piston, agent arena SGP, stroke, 6mm, per valve Akutagawa, a CVT Kymco, karbu PE 28, CDI BRT i-Max, modif manifold, roller Kawahara, noken as custom 330 degrees, grease ENDURO matic, anchorage polish, antagonism clutch, a new booring.
Jhonny Hole (0812-9599656)
125cc – USD 1.5 million
Izumi Agent set 54mm, Kitaco per CVT, CDI BRT i-Max, ported polish.
150cc – USD 3.5 million
Izumi Agent set 58mm, Kitaco per CVT, CDI BRT i-Max, anchorage polish, valve settings, valve sonic, beddy-bye crank case.
Joddy Motor (021-86601686)
150cc – USD 2.5 million
Blitz Kawasaki agent sets, agent rings sonic, a CVT TDR, modif noken as, advancement CVT, CDI BRT Dualband ported polish
JP Antagonism (021-70993827)
125cc – USD 2.425 million
Charisma 53mm piston, agent arena Shogun 110, Noken as 270 degrees Kawahara, Papas head, 1.5 mm, a valve grand, ported polish, roller, BRT CDI i-Max
150cc – USD 5 million
58mm agent set, new booring, Sonic valve 24/28, Kawahara noken as 270 degrees, Papas arch 1mm, beddy-bye accepted exhaust, ported polish, accelerate the assimilation manifold, roller, up 2.5 mm stroke, CDI BRT-Imax
Matic Boutique (021-68835990)
125cc – USD 675 thousand
54.5 mm agent sets, a new agent block, aboriginal (not including plug)
150cc – USD 750 thousand
59.5 mm agent set, agent block (not including plug)
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