Sunday, November 29, 2009

1997 Audi A4 Tuning Car

When activity throws you a lemon, accomplish lemonade. This adage applies to all aspects of activity and alike to the trials and tribulations of architecture a adapted car; genitalia break, analysis agent lights flash, accidents happen. But these problems aren't a acumen to abdicate and acknowledgment the car to stock. Instead, best of us accomplish our cars better, faster, stronger.

Brian Bement from Vancouver, WA accomplished three altered injuries to his '97 Audi A4 quattro - a accessory collision, abuse and snow damage. Afterwards anniversary setback, he was airy and remodelled his Audi inline with his ultimate vision. And best of all, he did it in his home garage, able with an acquisitive apperception and able hands.

At 24 years old, Brian's adventure has been far from easy. Like abounding ambitious tuners, he purchased and adapted the Audi while acclimation academy and a full-time job. "I bought the car in 9/04, so I've had it about bristles years," he started. "Every added penny I had, I'd save and bore into the car."

This was Brian's aboriginal Euro. He grew up architecture Camaros of all things. But he traded his aftermost one for the A4. "I bought the Audi because it was a little added sophisticated. I capital a nice circadian disciplinarian that I wouldn't modify," Brian laughed. "I had no abstraction what was or wasn't accessible for it."

When the mod bug assuredly bit, Brian initially concentrated on aesthetics. At first, he outfitted his ride with all-encompassing aftermarket auto and S4 anatomy parts. It was abundant to acquire a bays at his aboriginal show, but he athirst for more. "An S4 kit didn't angle out, I had to go crazy with it," he responded. "I capital article added advancing but apple-pie at the aforementioned time. I didn't appetite a crazy Hot Import Nights appearance car, but article that would fit the Euro community."

Through balloon and error, Brian accomplished himself how to do around aggregate on the car from installing bolt-on genitalia to architecture custom brackets for the brakes, custom bodywork and installing the stereo. "Many bodies booty their car to a boutique to accept aggregate done but I didn't accept the money for that," he told us.

Brian accomplished the final date afterwards the A4 was damaged aftermost winter. "I was ashore in a aberration blizzard. The Department of Transportation absitively to lay ashamed red bedrock on the roads, which accursed the acrylic on both abandon of my car," he remembered.

The adventure happened afterwards Brian had repaired the car from a accessory advanced fender blow and abuse on the rear division console and hood. So the car sat in the barn and underwent added anaplasty during the backward hours of the night afterwards Brian was done with assignment and school. The high and lower aperture moldings were baldheaded first, followed by the trunk, fender emblems and washer nozzles. Brian apprenticed Andy Krett to accomplish the böser awning addendum because he wasn't as assured with welding.

Dipping into the OE genitalia bin, Brian added S4 skirts, which had to be baldheaded and adapted to assignment after moldings, additional an S4 rear bonanza and RS4 grille. Going for an in-yer-face look, the advanced bonanza was switched for an advancing Kerscher allotment with custom splitters.

Lastly, Brian absitively to change up the fenders. "I capital a added clue to advance administration and a added advancing stance," he told us. "So I pulled anniversary bend over an inch. I had to absolutely adapt them to get the aboriginal radius." The advanced and rear bumpers were again widened to flow.

After hundreds of hours of accelerated labor, Brian's efforts paid off and it was time for paint. He entrusted Europa Auto Anatomy in Portland, OR to respray the car Porsche Aqua dejected metallic. "I adulation blue," he explained. "The car was originally a aphotic Europa dejected but I saw the Aqua on an '09 Porsche 997 and that was it. It's aphotic at night but active in the sun." The roof was corrective in BMW's Sparkling Graphite metallic.


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