Monday, November 30, 2009

The 2009 Jeep Cherokee is all Jeep. It retains the traditional Jeep seven-slot grille and dual rounded headlights that remind potential buyers that this SUV is equipped for the trail. There is no mistaking the Jeep's athletic appearance despite recent improvements which have made it more contemporary. The Jeep Cherokee retains the rugged, off-road appearance that has become synonymous with the brand, and which Jeep's loyalists have come to expect.

The Cherokee proves itself to be one of the most capable off-road (and on-road,) midsize SUVs available today. It maintains a high degree of comfort whilst combining classic and contemporary detailing in its exterior design. For everyday use, most drivers will find its cargo space satisfactory, and the vehicle itself a well-equipped, capable performer.

Jeep's Cherokee continues to live up to its legendary status as a solid, comfortable, safe SUV. It remains a popular choice for adventuring families who enjoy heading out of the towns and cities into the countryside, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride over rough or slippery terrain. The Cherokee makes a good option for drivers who regularly tow boats or trailers.

Cranking up the power for 2009, this model remains the only SUV available today with a choice of five engines, giving potential buyers plenty of possibilities. The Cherokee provides a smooth, comfortable ride and agile handling, both on-road and off, with little harshness felt from the bumps and rough spots of roads. Overall, the Cherokee feels tight and solid.

Owners, particularly those with young families, will find the 2009 model comfortable, capable, and fun to drive. It has proven to be particularly popular with those households who require space and comfort for family trips, or adventuring drivers who need a solid off-roading vehicle. The Cherokee's interior comfort, efficiency and car-like handling all contribute towards the Jeep's popularity with the buying public, with its rugged exterior styling, reliability and value also being points of praise. It is fun to drive, and has a diesel engine that s quiet, powerful and extremely economical. The Jeep Cherokee provides ample room for a family of four without being too cumbersome. It's comfortable and stylish without being obnoxiously overloaded, and it has a reassuring steadiness under the toughest road conditions.

The Cherokee has a relatively compact body (at least compared to others in this segment), but maintains a family friendly sense and style. Compared with other four-wheel-drive SUVs, the 2009 Cherokee has a sufficient variety of accoutrements that are both practical and useful, presented in a tasteful manner, without appearing flashy or vulgar. The interior is both comfortable and stylish, and has plenty of cargo space. In nappies, in school, or in their teenage years - there is plenty of room in the back seat for kids of all sizes.

The Cherokee provides a sturdy, stable ride, even when traversing difficult terrain with safety being the primary concern.

The Jeep Cherokee proves to be a winning formula.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Jeep Cherokee vehicles.


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