Monday, November 30, 2009

2009 APS MKVI Volkswagen Golf GTi

APS MKVI Volkswagen Golf GTi 2009
APS of Brackley unveiled a new Stage One engine performance upgrade for the MKVI Volkswagen Golf GTi. Thorough analysis by APS’s technicians has enabled the development of an effective ECU remap for the newly revised version of VAG’s renowned turbocharged 1984cc, EA888 TFSI engine. The standard Volkswagen Golf VI GTI produces 207bhp and 207lb.ft of torque. By comparison, APS’s Stage One ECU performance upgrade increases power to 250bhp at 5800rpm, while torque jumps to a mighty 292 lb.ft at 2650rpm. On the road, this translates into significant performance improvements, with the 0-60mph time falling from 6.9 to 6.2 seconds, while top speed increases from 149 to approximately 155mph.


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