Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Acura RSX Cars

The Honda Integra DC5 is a Japanese performance sports car, which was also known as the Acura RSX in North America. It is available in base and "Type-S" models in North America, and a "Integra iS / Integra Type S" and "Type R" version sold in Japan and Oceania. However, the "Type R" sold in Oceania is very similar to the "Type-S" sold in North America, and the Integra line naming in Oceania has recently been realigned to be similar with North American conventions. Canada had three models: Base (cloth interior, no sunroof, steel wheels with wheel covers), Premium (leather interior, sunroof, alloy wheels) and Type S. In other places, (e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore only the base version is available. This model is the final generation of the Honda Integra, after the production was ceased.
White Acura RSX
RSX Blue Acura
Luxury Black Acura Car
Elegant Acura Color
Black and White Acura
Silver Acura RSX
New Acura RSX Models
Acura RSX Concept
Black Acure RSX on the Park
Acura RSX Interior
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