Friday, October 29, 2010

When running, the motor difficult to assumption what it is? Even if the logo can be captured in the gas tank, you absolutely booty the Yamaha. Yes, the Yamaha, but what? You guess, the Yamaha V-ixion because the tank.
Indeed, from Irfandi branch 2XP adapt the motor is the Yamaha V-ixion tank. Indeed, the base for this motor is the blazon of avoid from the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC, and to change the sex this motor, Irfandi not MOGE decay a lot of abrasion or cut sasis there.
Foots original
"Not adjustment to accept a cut-cut, the aboriginal is still maintained," a architect from Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Fair comedy with the cilia material, the aback of the accountable to ride, added an added body. So if you appetite to acknowledgment to the standard, can be calmly done.
The advanced is added so sturdy. As sokbreker native, was replaced with the Ohlins Thailand, including the deejay bowl is replaced and a beyond archetypal racing. For the capital aberration is not, but accept taken Suzuki Spin 125.
Loop motor so sturdy, in accession to tanks, but additionally because of the accession deltabox. "This use of decay Aprilia, but after accident to anatomy bolt on the principle," the man from the burghal appreciative this Equator. Installation is not difficult, alone relying on two bolts, one aloft and one below. Its position is still application the aboriginal bolt aperture (to the right) because the top of the aperture application the key contacts and bolts from beneath Footstep.
For the foot-feet, Irfandi abounding still use the original, except the front, Ohlins use, while still the accepted beat arm. According Irfandi, is the alone ditambahi abnormally for the bowl holder beneath shock. Meanwhile, the monoshock is still the absence standard.
Because sex has been changed, the tires would not appetite to use a added wide. Use advanced caster admeasurement 2.15 inches, while the rear with 3.5 inches in ambit 17 inches. Variations of called rims Tiger Sprint brand.
Carefulness in assignment Irfandi arise in the bankrupt system. He architecture the archetypal with two muffler and both assignment a clue in the average of the parsed. Besides alteration sex, Irfandi this cardboard can be spelled out so perfect. Gambar Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX


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