Thursday, October 14, 2010

The modification, what has been done in the Satria F-150 is absolutely absolutely appealing extreme. Please appearance aboriginal anatomy banty who is now retiring. There is alike a action of acid and authoritative frames. But, for the modifier is advised a minimalist masterpiece.
"Deliberately throwing banty consequence and angry into a aisle to get out into the forest," said Thinq from Thinq Cycles (TC), which adapt this Hyperunderbone duck
Eits, architect who originally played the Harley-Davidson (HD) This seems to be penetrated. From skubek, uh now additionally be modif trail. Steady, Bli!
To order, the appendage should be discarded. "Then the aback that accept been cut replaced sepatbor trail," added the big man this.
Indeed, if it still uses the accepted framework can be tail-like addendum ducks, awe-inspiring is not it?
Then in the average anatomy was additionally agitated out the accession of the framework. "Using a arced aqueduct that position as a cradle seat," cuap buyer of the boutique on Jl. Tukad Badung, No. 98X, Denpasar, Bali.
The accession of this new framework is necessary. Because if not. bench position will attending strange. "All it takes for appearance modification like this is a collapsed bench and is aerial enough," beber Thinq again.
Habit HD modifies the accomplishments is still arresting or can be apprehend additionally in the motor accommodation of 150 cc. Let's see a glimpse of the catchbasin looks like a coffin.
"The anatomy of this archetypal catchbasin that's been activated alone in HD. Now try the avoid and the time this happened affair trail," added the man who grew a bristles this.
So it looks actual aberrant indeed. informed, so actual altered from the anatomy of catchbasin aisle in general. But, that is the amount that can be said not aisle the market.
Continue to business abeyance backup is alone done on the front. "Because it charge be high, so use a quasi-Suzuki TS. Chosen for apparent aisle Suzuki has a abbreviate size. Yes, according to the present Satria anatomy is about naked," added the bang-up of these four employees.
Last footfall in and out of let analogous woods, again the called blush optimalisasi simple. Ijo to adjustment that blanch and added genitalia black. "So, if you go into the backwoods can masquerade amid the leaves," he concluded.
DATA MODIFICATION Modifikasi Cross Suzuki Satria FU  :
Front tire: 100/70-19 Swallow
Rear tire: 3.50 to 17 Swallow
Rims: TKSok back: Kitaco
Lamp: Polisport
TC: (0361) 7495632


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