Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bentley Zagato GTZ

Bentley Zagato GTZ was first introduced at the 78th Geneva International Motor show 2008 by Zagato Atelier. Bentley GTZ is a neo classic Zagato interpretation of the style of a British GT. This cool automotive project and concept was conceived at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance in 2006 by Dr. Ing. Franz Josef Paefgen, CEO of Bentley Motors Limited and Dr. Andrea Zagato, President of Zagato. This unique automotive is born from two great automotive cultures Bentley and Zagato. Bentley Zagato GTZ design team able to create a distinctive and attractive character to this cool car.

The exterior of Bentley GTZ has a pronounced fender lines, a unique double bubble roof and a round tail with all new rear combination lamp. All element of this luxurious car are harmoniously integrated and created an aggressive, sharp and solid looks. This limited production car interior has a refined and exclusive design with natural color of leather seats, The interior is styled by British firm Adaptive Space. This fast and limited edition car is valued at $1.7 million USD, and only 9 of this car is produced so far.

Zagato will be presenting the Bentley Continental GT Speed based car on the autoshow in Genève. Zagato, an Italian design company created a whole new face and a remarkable rear end for this car. It has to be a big scoop, but it isn’t anymore. To bad for them, but great news for us to post about it. Here the Bentley Zagato GTZ!It isn’t the first time Zagato had a big scoop, in 2006 the released a really exclusive car for a Japanese owner. This Japanese men is owner of several exclusive cars like the 166M, 250 Spider California, two Daytonas and an Enzo. All collectors items, but that wasn’t enough for him. He gave Zagato the job to create a really exclusive Ferrari. It was the Ferrari 575GTZ, based on the 575M Maranello and this design looks a lot on the 250 GTZ from 1956.Zagato has also designed the Spyker C12 and several Aston Marin’s. Not only the Bentley they have created is unique, but they also created the Diatto.That is from a car brand that quited years ago.

Elegant design of Bentley Zagato GTZ

Elegant Bentley Zagato GTZ with white color

Elegant Bentley Zagato GTZ interior

Bentley Zagato GTZ head light

Black Bentley Zagato GTZ


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