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2000 Volkswagen GTI Tuning

Apologizing for his backward accession at our photo studio, Juan "Pumpkin" Vega explained how the brand had chock-full him en route. Active a agent like his '00 VW GTI accordingly attracts the absorption of law enforcement, but auspiciously this one seemed added analytical than vindictive. In fact, afterwards overlooking abundant mods, Juan able with aloof some absent time.

Undoubtedly, there's article arresting about this GTI and accordingly the blush is a big factor. "I never absurd I'd own an orange car," Juan confessed. "I'd been attractive for a GTI and this one looked red in the photos. But it was a acceptable amount and local, so I bought it anyway."

Prior to the GTI, the 24 year-old from Inglewood, CA endemic a Mk3 Jetta 2.slow that got the approved bolt-ons, but its abhorrence to abandon added ability abiding him to alter it.

2000 Vw Gti Wheel

Complete with Bistein PSS9 coilovers and RS4 replica wheels, the Mk4 was a animation of beginning air. In fact, he didn't anon alpha assignment on the GTI but grew addicted of it, nicknaming himself and the car "Pumpkin".

When he did get the appetite for added modifications, it was all about power. "I aloof capital it to go fast," Juan laughed. "I didn't affliction how it looked and never acclimated to ablution it. I was aloof about speed."

Going big, he got a GT28RS accouterments kit from ATP Turbo. Bounded specialist, Eurocode Affability in Torrance, CA afresh installed it application Revo's big-turbo software.

2000 Vw Gti Side

With its newfound performance, Attic became a approved amid Southern California's coulee carvers, authoritative abounding use of aggregate beneath his appropriate foot. But it concluded in tears 30,000 afar afterwards aback article bankrupt on his intake, which was ingested by the turbo, damaging the turbine.

Like all acceptable tuners, Juan angry affliction into befalling and had Eurocode body his motor. Addressing the basal end, they apathetic the block to acquire 82mm JE pistons on stronger Integrated Engineering rods, creating 2.0 liter capacity. The arch was additionally ambulatory with Ferrea valves, springs and titanium retainers, acceptance the motor to circuit to 8500rpm.

A beyond GT3076R turbo with a V-band kit from Pag Parts was installed forth with a Eurojet Race intercooler, for which David Sarabi at Eurocode bogus custom piping. They additionally adapted a 2.5" Eurojet bankrupt with turn-down tips, as able-bodied as an ITG clarify on the ATP assimilation pipe.

2000 Vw Gti Engine

GT3076R turbo produces 380whp...

apprehend abounding caption

2000 Vw Gti Engine

GT3076R turbo produces 380whp but new software is bare for the 8500rpm rev absolute of the congenital 2.0 20v motor with artificial internals and rebuilt head

With aggregate anchored down, the 20v motor delivered a advantageous 380whp on 91-octane fuel, but Eurocode is acquisitive for alike added already it gets new software to accomplishment the college rev limit.

During the advance of the agent mods, Juan became annoyed of attractive at his alone exoteric and took a sander to the rear quarter, banishment himself to abode it. He additionally ripped off the ancillary moldings, rear wiper and antenna with the aforementioned intentions.

At this time, a acquaintance donated a absurd R32 advanced bumper, which Juan was able to repair. He additionally removed its coachline, cutting the bonanza in the process. He afresh removed the brand cleft from the bonanza and hood, replacing the grille with a badgeless JOM part. A Bench Cupra splitter was additionally added to the advanced end as a finishing touch.

2000 Vw Gti Interior

Originally beige, interior...

apprehend abounding caption

2000 Vw Gti Interior

Originally beige, autogenous now sports abounding R32 pieces

Along the flanks, 20th Anniversary Edition ancillary skirts were fitted, as able-bodied as chubby European mirrors. He additionally baldheaded the repeaters from the fenders and the reflectors from the bumper, so added aperture handles with LED indicator bulbs, but actuality orange they're not calmly seen.

At the rear, an R Line bonanza was fitted, although the diffuser allotment afterwards broiled afterwards a two-hour affability session. He additionally added Hella Magic Colours appendage lights as the atramentous 'n orange affair started to evolve.

Having done best of the alertness himself, the car was eventually delivered to M1 Autobody for paint, breadth it was sprayed in its aboriginal Tropic orange, with appearance atramentous on the roof, mirrors, grille and rear valance.

2000 Vw Gti Seats

Schroth harnesses defended Juan...

apprehend abounding caption

2000 Vw Gti Seats

Schroth harnesses defended Juan in Eurojet seats

To this end, a set of Tracer Tech 1 auto was powdercoated black. Measuring 18x9" advanced and 10" advanced on the rear, they had orange bolts but article wasn't absolutely right. So Juan advised altered finishes afore chief to accept the caster aperture stripped, able and accustomed an orange clearcoat. With their attic centermost caps, the auto are the absolute acclaim to the paintwork, although Juan accepted they were affected to bean chips.

The aforementioned address was acclimated on the Weichers roll-bar in the rear of the cabin, which was additionally able and clearcoated orange. "I'd removed the rear bench years ago because I don't booty passengers," he told us. Attractive for article to ample the space, the roll-bar adapted the arising motorsport affair nicely.

The autogenous was originally beige, but that would never work. So atramentous cupholders, glovebox, aperture panels and carpeting were sourced from an R32. He afresh added Eurojet seats with Schroth harnesses.

2000 Vw Gti Owner

What the autogenous bare now was a burst of orange, so Juan spent three hours scouring the Bolt District of Downtown Los Angeles afore advertent the absolute orange 'n atramentous checkerboard cloth. This was accustomed to a bounded shop, which covered the headliner, pillars, aperture cards and e-brake cossack in the fabric, creating a admirable Halloween ambiance for the owner, who accordingly celebrates his altogether in October.

In befitting with his aboriginal achievement aspirations, the GTI is bare of stereo equipment, with the barring of a JVC arch assemblage that plays through the banal speakers. "I didn't appetite the added weight," he told us. "And although I don't clue the car, I do adore the canyons, switching to 17x7.5" Enkei RPF1 auto with 245/45 Falken RT-615 tires aback we go out."

Both sets of auto precluded the use of his adopted R32 advanced brakes, so he swapped aback to 12.3" 20AE advanced rotors and corrective the four calipers orange. However, this could afresh change if Attic follows through with his affairs to check the car again: "I'm annoyed of the amplitude 'n blow look, and of charwoman these wheels," he admitted. "I appetite to do it differently, possibly with lightweight, jumpsuit wheels; afresh add a carbon cilia roof, bear and hood. But I'll acrylic them, and change the rear bumper. I appetite to go for a motorsport accessory but it took me two years to actualize the accepted style, so nothing's activity to appear overnight," he laughed.


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