Saturday, November 21, 2009

expensive cars

expensive cars

You're a big car, or make auto If so, it was always fun to see the new cars out. We all want to see all the new features, new security systems and new forms that arise throughout the year. Apparently all the cars on the market today there is no better or improved. Although apparently improving, there are several ways to do this. Most cars on the market more affordable but some seem to continue to increase. Some vehicles flying the word expensive. There are some vehicles so expensive that most of the world can not afford them anymore. The more expensive cars are some of the fastest cars in the world! Interested to know what the car is more expensive in the world are for 2007-2008 and if so, then be driven by the price tag of this vehicle!

most expensive vehicles in the world for 2007-2008
1. Bugatti Veyron - This vehicle is the vehicle most expensive in the world. Price Veyron to $ 1192057! This vehicle is surprisingly legal to drive the road. What makes this car is not very different, because it can reach up to 253 kph may be 60 km / h mark just 2.5 seconds! Although this is a very fast car, not the fastest on the market.

2. Pagani Zonda C12 F - This vehicle is the second vehicle on the market, a tag price of $ 667,321. This vehicle is the fastest car in the world, 8 chance of only 60 mph in 3.5 to achieve. This vehicle consists of a small company based in Italy.

The above vehicles all over the world, not just America, but also the most expensive cars! But the most expensive car sold for $ 1,192,057 is just crazy! If you like speed, high-speed vehicle with dangerous technology, you'll 2007-2008 for the first 10 fastest cars in the world is better than


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