Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Mercedes-Benz Star 2009

The company has shown itself to be one of the world's top manufacturer's quality and high-end cars. Many companies have attempted, but only Mercedes-Benz has been able to touch all the bases and exceed expectations in luxury cars, buses, vans, trucks, and SUV's, along with the major involvement with motor car racing.

In the 1880's Mercedes-Benz was originated by two men: Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. The internal combustion engine powered vehicle was their greatest invention. One of the most ironic things about Mercedes-Benz is that the two originators never even knew each other, but their work was directly related. They both lived in Southwest Germany. One of Daimler friends: Wilhelm Maybach took a major role in the invention of the four-stroke engine in Cannstatt, which is an area in Stuttgart. They would never know in the near future, they would both make a luxury car. Karl Benz on the other hand worked at a place by Heidelberg, known as Mannheim. Believe it or not, the two men never met in history.

A decade later, Daimler was building his cars in Unterturkheim. They were built to last and to go fast, which resulted in many successful races under his company's name. The sucsess was at such a great feat that an Austrian dealer by the name of Emil Jellinek entered the cars in the races and expected to win without a doubt in mind. He decided to name the cars after his daughter whose name was Mercedes. He was very impressed with the work of Daimler and Maybach that he decided to make a large manufacturing demand from the two. The only stipulations were that he would decide on some design modifications that needed to be done, and that the cars were to be named after his daughter Mercedes. He also demanded that he would get the full resell rights to the countries: Austria, Hungary, France, Belgium and the United States. He His belief and faith was so strong in the car and the makers that his major assets were in this company.

A symbol was chosen for the combined products of DMG and Benz. The new insignia was a three-pointed star wreathed with laurel. The word "Mercedes" was at the top and the word "Benz" was at the bottom. Then merger did the new company well. Production of Mercedes-Benz rose to 7,918 Mercedes-Benz automobiles in 1927. The Mercedes-Benz diesel truck was put into production in 1927, also.

The 770 Grosser was powered by an 8 cylinder, 7.6 liter engine. Mercedes-Benz's biggest and most prestigious car to date was launched in 1930. A car for the truly wealthy of the world, it was quite an automobile for showing off in a world economy still reeling from the Wall Street Crash of 1929.The cars of the 1930s produced great racing success for Mercedes-Benz. The silver metal bodywork gave rise to the name Silver Arrows when the W25 racer (of Rudolph Caracciola fame) had the white paint removed to lower its weight. Mercedez-Benz is the cream of the crop in luxury automobile manufacturing.

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