Sunday, November 15, 2009

most expensive sports car

most expensive sports car

Just because a car is cheap does not mean that they are carriers. The high price of the car is not always the most expensive, in order to ensure better. If you are concerned about high insurance, probably should not be able to buy a new S2000 descapotable $ 33,000 Honda. And that little inexpensive Volkswagen GTI, listed at $ 22,000 to be paid more for insurance, Passat, which costs twice as much.

Theft and fraud patterns: Cars are often stolen more expensive in insurance. Thieves have their choice of devices on the market needs and part of the exchange. Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are the most frequently stolen cars. If you live in areas where high levels of car theft, you can pay more contributions. Insurance fraud is also increasing and causing more security, especially if you live in New York, Massachusetts and Florida.

Driver Population: age, sex, you live, your driving record and credit account in your partnership. If you are a bad driving record will pay more in premium. If you have a clean driving record Good pay less insurance.


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