Sunday, November 22, 2009

new mercedes benz s class

new mercedes benz s class

Mercedes S-Class, which opened last shot, when the war between Audi and BMW counterparts. Each new model of the three giants seemed to increase the means of electronic components that can be shoe horned into the car. In microcosm, which is located on the driver's seat, the car offers. It is true, it is not the most interesting aspect of the car, but the S-Class not only the flow of electricity or heat, but different temperature settings, such as heating thermostat.

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One of the useful features that allow me with all the gadgetry in the game, when traffic moves, rather than a window or using dust control equipment in front of me. Gizmos, including telephone, home theater, audio control satellite navigation too for domestic lighting and composition of the board computer is able to slide - view my holiday. When looking through the windshield at night, infrared cameras can see the road map was light, and that on the dashboard. Sorry if I RODE a car in their class and their usual build quality was enormous, because all drivers I can view the note. I remove my little massage.

In total there are miles of cable within seconds each floor and every inch of it has worked. Phone does not ring when I infrared camera and the image is the right place in New York approaches händer deliver. Therefore not surprising that the result of a Mercedes S class of address was not cheap. In fact, when you can afford, it will be too old and China, so they can start the engine.


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