Saturday, November 28, 2009

You may have heard of the new Hybrid cars being mentioned in the news, magazines and car programmes. The Hybrid car is a revolutionary concept that has been created to help protect our environment.

The difference between a standard car and the Hybrid car is that the engines run off rechargeable batteries and gasoline opposed to just gasoline or diesel. Hybrid cars can reduce smog up to 90% and can offer much higher fuel economy against a normal car engine. Eventually the idea is that everyone will drive a Hybrid car providing fuel efficient transportation which will effectively reduce pollution from car fumes alongside decreasing the worry for rising gas prices.

Hybrid car engines run an electric motor when accelerating during this time the gasoline side of the engine is shut down. When the batteries need to be charged again the gasoline engine wills start again. When the hybrid car brakes it usually will return to the electric motor side because of the lower amount of power needed when braking for an extended amount of time.

Hybrid cars are a wonderful concept for our environment; they can effectively get 55-60 miles per gallon over inner city driving. This is actually more than three times better then many of today's economical SUV's! Another impressive factor is against the new electric cars in that the Hybrid car does not require limited use and there is no need to recharge their engines. Electric cars require recharging anywhere from 50-100 miles. The hybrid engine has the ability to recharge itself with the gas side of it. This means that long distance travel is never a worry for the fuel efficient auto enthusiasts with today's hybrid motors. Also a massive disadvantage the electric car has is performance. Most electric cars are only able to reach a top speed of around 60 miles per hour whereas the hybrid engine will perform just the same speeds as the standard cars.

If you are looking for more information on this cutting edge car visit your local dealer or you can research a large amount of information by searching online.

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