Sunday, November 29, 2009

Top 5 Best Car Electronics

Car sunvisor DVD Player with 7 inch LCD

This absolutely is a very good product,The sun visor DVD monitor can not only help you to block sunlight,the rear passengers can also use it to enjoy wonderful TV programs. In the car you will never feel bored, everyone enjoy every minutes in the car.

12.2 inch TFT-LCD Car Sunvisor Monitor

This is also a sun visor products, but he has a larger LCD screen. car sunvisor monitor with a huge 12" TFT LCD screen, great resolution, and 2 video input options.These units are equipped with 2 video inputs each which will allow you to view multiple input devices. With the huge 12.2 inch screen, You will find it is more conveninent to enjoying the television show. Rear passengers certainly are surprised at such a fantastic product, It is not only a sun visor, but also a good car video products.

Retail price: US$111.79 Our Price: US$81.69 - US$85.99

Parking Sensor System With LED Display

Ultrasonic Parking Sensor helps you to get rid of those costly collisions that happen inevitably. Once installed, the Parking Sensor system will automatically turns on when reversing and parking. With numerical and color LED display unit plus built-in buzzer, the Parking Sensor system gives forth audible beeps if an object is detected while backing up. This tried and tested Ultrasonic technology makes parking safer and easier, preventing bumps, scrapes and tragic accidents. Wireless transmission makes this Ultrasonic Reverse Parking Sensor System extra-easy to install!

Retail price: US$23.39 Our Price: US$17.09 - US$17.99

10.2 Inch Parking Sensor System, LCD Monitor, Camera

Don't you just hate having to park or reverse in tight spots? Tight parking situations are almost inevitable in everyday life. Make it easier and safer with this 10.2" Car Parking Sensor ! Once installed, optical Reverse Parking Sensor System comes on when reversing. Parking Sensor System automatically detects barriers behind you when the reverse gear is activated and will alert you when you are getting close to a car or object behind with a beeping noise. More amazingly, the 10.2 inch LCD monitor along with the CMOS camera provides crisp images that could help avoid all potential collisions. What a fantastic value!

Retail price: US$132.59 Our Price: US$96.89 - US$101.99

3.5" GPS Navigation System

3.5" Gps Navigation System With 2Gb Sd Igo Map,must have gadget for the traveler. It contains very function you want!Professional 3.5 inch large touch GPS Satellite Navigation Device. Enhanced Positioning Technology. High sensitivity. Excellent signal acquits. Attractive outlook. Free EU map and 2GB memory card, internal games, mp3/mp4 player,extensive map router...Etc. It is more than you could imagine!! Bring you home safe! Bring you fun. Stylish slim design. Orange color! 3.5 wide LCD touch screen Daytime and night two map display styles. Anti-glare screen Provides the electronic map, map inquiry, route Plan.The 3.5" Gps Navigation System will calculate and choose a safe and fast route for you.

Retail price: US$114.39 Our Price: US$83.59 - US$87.99

4GB Car Mp3 Player with FM

The 4GB car mp3 player comes with OLED color display, supports MP3 / WMA muisc formats, and there are 5 kinds EQ modes. The car mp3 boasts FM stereo tuner, with range of 87.5MHZ ~ 108.0MHZ. Frequency / songs titles on display. The front can be folded freely, suit for different places. Furthermore, it comes with IR remote control, digital selecting frequency and songs.

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