Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exotic Volkswagen EcoRacer Prototype impressive performance

At the Tokyo Motor Show (22 October to 6 November) Volkswagen are presenting a ancestor that could able-bodied accomplish history as the best economical the sports car of its time. Its basal data: boilerplate ammunition burning of 3.4 litres for 100 km, a top acceleration of 230 kph. Its name: EcoRacer. Thanks to its carbon-fibre (CFP) bodywork, this sports car with its centrally amid agent weighs in at alone 850 kilograms, and accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in aloof 6.3 seconds. Powered by a anew developed 100-kW turbo-charged agent of the abutting generation, it offers a advanced amalgam of ascetic abridgement and absorbing performance. 230 kph, 6.3 seconds, 3.4 litres - these basic statistics are as abnormal as they are fascinating. But the cold of development was not to breach records. With the EcoRacer, the ambition was rather to actualize a analysis agent that affiliated the elements of abridgement and achievement beneath a actual emotionally styled "roof".


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