Thursday, December 17, 2009

Automatic Transmission with SUV Mahindra Scorpio AT

There are two big differences between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission.

* There is no clutch pedal in an automatic transmission car.

* There is no gear shift in an automatic transmission car.

No clutch to be depressed and no gears to be switched. Just put the vehicle in Drive mode and you are all set to go. That is an Automatic Transmission car for you. Add this to the SUV Mahindra Scorpio and you get power, space, luxury, character, off-roading, mighty muscular looks and convenience all combined in one.

Here are some reasons why an SUV like Mahindra Scorpio with Automatic Transmission makes a lot of sense for Indian roads.

* The Torque Convertor: torque converter is the main component in fully automatic transmission that provides many unique benefits such as multiplication of the engine torque and reduced shock and strain on the entire driveline. In Manual Transmission there is loss of momentum, power and speed because the clutch separates the engine from the transmission at every gear shift. IN Automatic transmission however, is more efficient because the engine and transmission are always connected.

* Automatic Transmissions incorporate a lock-up clutch which provides a direct mechanical connection from the engine to the transmission. This maximizes fuel economy. Thus Automatic Transmission cars will always provide better fuel economy than Manual Transmission cars.

* A major concern for any driver is the loss of traction on muddy, slippery or slippery terrain. Automatic Transmission cars can be a solution to this concern as it can help maintain control even in the toughest ground conditions. The engine's power gets continually delivered to the wheels without any interruptions for gear shifts and thus the car can pull away gently. This reliable Performance of an Automatic Transmission car is desirable.

* Lower running costs: The absence of the need for new clutches or flywheel regrinds for starters and the reduction of overall abuse on the rest of the driveline as compared to Manual Transmission helps keep the running costs low in Automatic Transmission cars.

M&M has made Scorpio into a car that can suit all segments of buyers. First there was the base M2Di, then the CRDe and mHawk, and now there is the Scorpio AT for those who prefer comfort and ease of driving. In the end, it is the Mahindra Scorpio. It still retains its masculine characteristics of high seating postion, good visibility, a tractable engine, light steering and solid controls and the sporty edge of an ideal SUV.

The real fun of driving the Scorpio AT is in heavy traffic. In the Scorpio AT, the controls work in tandem to make it easy to maneuver the SUV in traffic. The ease of driving takes the front seat. So if you think of immense power and a beast that can take on any kind of terrain and be relaxed in the toughest of traffic at the same time, Scorpio AT fits right in.


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