Monday, December 21, 2009

There has been news on the internet that Opel’s new Astra has turned its attention to variants other than the regular five door hatchback. There are news already floating about the new Wagon and Cabrio, to add to the further excitement of the car lovers are the guesses that inform the entry of a new three door sports coupe. This three door coupe is expected to be styled quite aggressively in comparison to the regular five door.

Malcolm ward, the chief designer of Opel Astra has claimed that this new version would be ready for display only by 2011. The finer details about this car are not yet out but it is presumed that this model will sport a high performance OPC (VXR). OPC stands for ‘Opel Performance Standard’ which is the name generally conferred to those models which feature a sport body kit, upgraded performance and styling and may also be equipped with bigger wheels.

New Opel Astra Sports Coupe 2011

The aerodynamics of the sports model will be tested upon by the Opel’s designers with more than 600 hours of wind tunnel testing. Opel is working hard with designers and engineers to offer better aerodynamics and improved efficiency along with touches and finishes that would appeal every eye. It is estimated that the front bumper will be styled with an angle to pass to direct air past the wheel and on to the side of the car. The rear light areas will also be well sculpted to reduce the pool of air that gathers behind hatchbacks, cutting drag.

The lunch of this new Astra model is very crucial for Opel to regain its lost position and name in the Auto market. Lets wait and watch for the new unveiling and we promise to update you on all first hand information.


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