Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Acura ZDX Concept is designed to break new ground for Acura in the areas of provocative styling, contemporary luxury and meticulous refinement. With its sensuous curves, sharply raked roofline and bold fender flares, the Acura ZDX Concept blurs the distinction between coupe, sedan and sport utility vehicle.

Clean, flowing lines start from the headlights and run the length of the car, accentuating the cars presence and grace.
In keeping with the coupe-inspired styling, the rear door handles are cleverly concealed in the C-pillar.
The all-glass tailgate opens wide to reveal a highly functional cargo space with integrated under-floor storage.
The prototype is finished off with stylish dual chrome exhaust outlets and 9-spoke machined wheels fitted with 20-inch Michelin tires.

The inside
The Acura ZDX Concept exudes modern luxury while focusing on pampering the front passengers.
The cabin is enveloped in leather, which gives the interior a luxurious and inviting feel.
The hand-stitched leather dash and instrument panel sweep down to form a dual cockpit layout, creating a personal and intimate experience for the front seat occupants.
The premium leather seats are highly bolstered to support the passengers during sporty driving and at the same time provide comfort during a long getaway.
The black monochromatic center stack leads to the textured metallic center console, which complements the black and pearl white leather trim.
The thick leather wrapped steering wheel provides ample grip and is framed by racing-inspired paddle shifters for the ultimate in driver control.
The cabin is enclosed by a panoramic glass roof which runs the entire length of the vehicle, providing occupants with a breathtaking view of the world around them.

New Luxury Acura ZDX Concept
New Luxury Acura ZDX Concept
New Luxury Acura ZDX Concept
New Luxury Acura ZDX Concept
New Luxury Acura ZDX Concept


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