Saturday, December 19, 2009

Volkswagen (VW) Golf R20

Volkswagen (VW) Golf R20
Volkswagen (VW) Golf R20

The VW Golf R-Line adaptation of the world's album was absolutely accustomed a adventurous flair. In configuring their new car, buyers can accept amid an autogenous and an exoteric package. The two R-Line bales may additionally be ordered together.

Exterior package: Its anatomy actualization has been customised with 17-inch admixture auto in a new architecture ("Mallory" type, 18-inch optional), action chassis, anatomy coloured ancillary skirts and bumpers that accept been adapted compared to the accustomed Golf and Golf R. The exoteric is completed by adorning aperture footstep plates with R-Line logo, a roof bend addle-brain ("GTI"), high-gloss atramentous blast grille (radiator and lower air intake) as able-bodied as a diffuser additionally in bright black.


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