Thursday, December 17, 2009

Driving the Used Porsche Cayenne

I've driven a used Porsche Cayenne S for a few years, during which I've enjoyed trouble-free, exciting motoring. My motivation for buying the Cayenne was a growing family and also my job, which takes me around the countryside doling out agricultural advice. I owned a Porsche Boxster for a while so I knew I'd be happy and in familiar hands with the Cayenne. I'll admit I wasn't entirely convinced by the off-road claims but that's the great benefit of buying used - you gain from the experiences of others. Though some die-hard Porsche lovers have spurned the Cayenne, I'm totally on side. This is a triumph for Porsche in every way.

I'm happy to say the Cayenne is more than capable of dealing with challenging terrain. It's certainly not sluggish either, delivering a 0-62mph speed of 6.7 seconds. There's no compromise on that famous Porsche driving experience at all, for it's every bit as impressive and great fun to drive on any surface.

Interior space is generous and the kids have all the room they need in the back of the Cayenne. It's a pretty big car, over seven feet wide, so there's no feeling of confinement in back or front. The split seats are a great bonus for me day to day, allowing me to stow equipment efficiently and easily. The boot can capacity is a massive 540 litres, so unsurprisingly I've yet to find myself struggling for space, and that's even with all the kids' football and cricket kit, too.

The Used Porsche Cayenne's comfort factor is really good, with leather upholstery throughout. The driving position is excellent, too, offering a very good view of the road ahead. I can be driving for most of the day sometimes, so the supportive seats are much needed.

Porsche's Cayenne has taken the off-road market by storm since its launch, and it's good to know I'm not alone in thinking this is a superb addition to the Porsche range, diversion from character though it may be.


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