Friday, August 27, 2010

Kawasaki Motor Cross Modifikasi
Got a abode of business of the besieged breadth jammed, about-face the academician makes Svendfry Prog. Motors, so the best able another vehicles. Kawasaki KLX150 even, so selection. But of course, afflicted the brand of aboriginal SuperMoto dong. Doi, afraid to arise normal!
"For circadian activities added generally active on the asphalt, of SuperMoto is acquainted best appropriate," said the man who had a business in the acreage of Assurance in arcade Equipmnet Glodok, Central Jakarta.
The action of allotment an approximate criterion modification additionally baseball. First, doi surfing the internet for gluttonous barometer MODIFIKASI concept. Once the abstraction is obtained, a new acquaintance Svendfry deh Fakkar Budi Udin, Jatayu Bike Shop owner.
From the abstraction of the man capital a avalanche in the apple of racing's 90's era, see if it refers to a anatomy SuperMoto Monster Energy. Finally, all genitalia that will be acclimated to acclimatize participate. One of them, the use of shock absorbers on the front.
"For the backward front, cutting endemic Honda CRF150 Marzocchi Shiver latest type," says the man his branch amid at the Komplek Taman Indah expectations (THI), Block. EE / 2, Tubagus Angke, West Jakarta.
With this type, top-down triangle fabricated of CNC processes. Certainly be lighter. Also, be adjustable. Any accession process, do not accomplish a active advance aka Budi overwhelmed.
In addition, the backward alternative additionally accredit to the advanced of the absolute deejay models on the left. "Fact is like that. Hence, for a rim additionally adjusts, "Budi added.
Yup! Create a rim, it was absitively to use a annular aluminum endemic Honda Hornet. Because of this rim anchor disc applications on the larboard as you wish. Broadly categorized Peleknya own. To the advanced and rear 2:50 X 17, 3.75 X 17.
Slightly altered from the beat arm! To beat arm, this chunky modifier await endemic Yamaha YZ125. But, of course, be adapted as well. "Swing arm cut off about 1 cm, larboard and right. The ambition to be constant with the framework of KLX, "said Budi again.
Then, the architecture arm that ahead contemporary A, replaced the archetypal H. For adjustment affairs, Budi no kidding. Because the beat arm fabricated of aluminum, the adjustment action is entrusted to an expert. "For safety," Budi pede.
Data Kawasaki Motor Cross Modifikasi:
Kawasaki Motor Cross Modifikasi
Kawasaki Motor Cross Modifikasi

Tire front: 120/60-17 Bridgestone
Rear tire: 130/60-17 Bridgestone
Calipers: Brembo 4 piston
Exhaust: Yoshimura Tri Oval
Stabilizer: Zeta
Brake hose: Hel
Handlebar: Standard


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