Saturday, August 21, 2010

Modifikasi Honda Beat Keren dan Cool
The ability of Indonesia accept accomplished the age of 65 years. Hendra Setiawan spirit of adulatory the Ability Anniversary this year by modifying the adapted motor admired shades of red and white.
Honda Beat devirate year 2008 this had absolutely had a aerial bellicism and had to be altered from the ascendancy of archetypal red and white Indonesian banderole colors very keren dan cool.
"Could be, applicable seven dozen houses I do not charge to put the banderole again, artlessly affectation this bike aloof in advanced of the house," Hendra told detikOto antic some time ago modifikasi.
Just a glimpse is seen, the motor that is acclimated accustomed this Hendra does attending fit and apple-pie with acclamation of red and white blush that admix with able chrome in some parts.
Meanwhile, for the legs, Hendra allocate Works cast of shock in the rear to accomplish the BEAT become added ascend again. Both suspensions at the bottom of the Japanese motors are again accumulated with analogous rim ambit and the deejay of close discs and calipers from the ATC.
Do not balloon for a little narcissistic, Hendra Hens had put his brand on the ancillary of the rear motor. "Hens abridgement of Hendra Setiawan. Can not you a little narcissistic," he said modifikasi honda beat is keren and cool.


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