Monday, August 23, 2010

Modifikasi Vixion Gaya Sporty
Yamaha vixion 2009 Modifikasi Vixion Gaya Sporty :
front rims variations honda tiger REVO
Background aberration honda tiger REVO rims
Body agnate to the motor is fabricated Ducati monster
Swing arm decay MOGE(big motorcycles)
Racing exhaust|muffler
Upside bottomward modification
Self-made allowance (costum)
Front annoy admeasurement 110/70 Swallow Deli Tire
Rear annoy admeasurement 140/70 Swallow Deli Tire
body blush red and black
Head lamp application Suzuki Satria fu

See Yamaha Vixion contest modification winner at 2008 years


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