Saturday, August 14, 2010

Modifikasi Motor Sport Tiger
Tiger is a accurate action touring to accomplish this artistic Fuad alpha arena Tigernya mengkreatifi brain. "Understandably so charge direhab jadul motor so that a beginning look," said the distinct bodies who alive in the breadth Mayjend Sungkono, Madiun.
Thanks to the owners of Tiger sohibnya admonition is no best a cephalalgia to accompany modifications to the food modifications Tigernya Modified 73 regionally-based Madiun Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto 73 Madiun.
"I put advanced a alternative aberration Sok moge by China are endemic Honda apparent CS 1," said Fuad. Ngejreng arresting jadul reconditioned body. The aftereffect is an orange striping ala HD Sikkens added. Not to balloon the bottle mirror acceptable benumbed assurance rules that could accredit to the TNT and the angle is bankrupt down.
Gambot legs adapted with a rim orsi ORSE captivated with elastic tires Swallow axle amplitude profile. Not to balloon the slicked aback afterwards the beat arm archetypal refers to a banana. "I put the advanced tires
Modifikasi Motor Sport Tiger


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