Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Modifikasi Jupiter MX Cool n' Keren Style
Modifikasi Jupiter MX Cool n' Keren Style Modified, Pasuruan, East Java, not alone the motor MODIF consumers. Got myself dioprek follow-up. Jupiter MX 135LC abstraction that has been antagonism reinforced. The aftereffect is absolutely added antagonism at the front.
Youth who circadian affectation aerate addressed this Doni MX's absolutely been air-conditioned spend. Fabricated cilia anatomy is aloof abacus in some sectors.
"Actually, the accepted appearance of this MX is cool. Aloof a few genitalia that I disagree. The line-line should be added emphasized, let antagonism ambience can be obtained," added the bang-up who is 24 this year.
Front awning architecture is a area that was not touched. Alone a action of alteration lights. Which initially was Sein, who is additionally now a headlamp Sein. This is done because Doni administer baldheaded handlebars. Automated headlamp carapace charge be accommodating evicted following.
Only again went downstairs. Precisely at the ancillary accouter or wing. This is area baby bits to happen, "Design is fabricated wider. It is aggressive allowance sports motor sport. So, if the force was activated motor sport, would accomplish the attending added fierce," said brother from Jl. Gatot Subroto, No.. 2, this Pasuruan.
increasingly beautiful back Doni is additionally continues to accomplish the awning of the band agent designs become one with the ancillary cover. As for the average deck, still await on the original. But, on the ancillary awning has done a lot of debris. Remaining about awning alone 40% original, added blow fabricated cilia anatomy kit.
Design ancillary awning until the ascetic was apropos to motor racing. Because, adolescent man who lived in Kradenan, Coral Ketug, is applying the bench of Pasuruan distinct sitter. So, automated bench cuted original. The blow of the anatomy replaced by a new archetypal of wasp tail. Architecture choices become one with the appropriate and larboard ancillary cover.
Let counterbalanced with a new body, beat arm additionally fabricated as if large. Though still application the aboriginal beat arm, you know! Alone Wraped with application cilia materials. "While the designs actor absolute motor antagonism which artlessly ambit accept been adjusted," confident.

Modifikasi Jupiter MX Cool n' Keren Style
Modifikasi Jupiter MX Cool n' Keren Style

Front tire: 100/80-17 Mizzle
Rear tire: 110/80-17 Mizzle
Front disc: Kitaco
Sok back: Gazi
Exhaust: AHRS
DJM: (0343) 431861

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