Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Motor Minerva T150VX ter-Baru
Specification minerva T150VX

Kristanto explained, the advanced allowance Minerva R150VX added adventurous than antecedent variants. Meanwhile, the rear allowance far looks actual adventurous rear fenders.

Also be a adventurous tank, beyond ammunition tanks such as motor action antagonism with big cc (moge).

According to him, with a bigger catchbasin at the top will accord allowance for our anxiety 'in' absorbed to the frame. "When an blow (falling) anatomy of the catchbasin will accord the aegis a bit in adjustment to not alone accumulate our anxiety on the city bike weight, such as the action of the anatomy slider," said Kristanto.

Another advantage, he explained, headlight, projector headlights application an earlier version, this blazon can be abundant lighter than the antecedent type. Then, the lights abaft the mufflers.

Motor Minerva T150VX ter-Baru

"Sporty architecture with finishing sunblasting attending and use the cover," he added.

While it will be retained as the antecedent alternation is a agenda speedometer, advanced and rear bifold diskbrake, upsidedown shockabsorber (front), and monoshocks (rear).

"For the engines, Sachs Germany who advised accurately for R-150VX, 150 cc with a 13.5 HP, added powerful," said Kristanto.

Minerva's attendance seemed to announce R150VX sole abettor (ATPM), such as PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) who intend to barrage the 153 cc motor action Byson PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) which will be issued a 150 cc action bike, and PT TVS Motor Indonesian aggregation would barrage a sports bike TVS Apache 180 cc.

Segment of motor action in Indonesia, accidental alone about 7% of the absolute calm bazaar accomplished about 5.8 actor units in 2009. however, this articulation is almost abiding and alike tended to access although thin. It's bigger than a motorcycle articulation continues to sag, evicted by the blazon skutik.


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