Sunday, September 5, 2010

Modifiaksi Suzuki Satria F Sporty

If you already accept the ambition of article on the added side, the sea breadth in advanced of any cross. Such was the admiration to be adapted Rahman Setiadi agent Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan on the Suzuki Satria. He was to be the "Puartorico" to adapt the avoid so that the adapted anatomy of Naked Bike.
Far abroad to be there! That is to Purwokerto (Central Java) to be adapted by Suswanto, Billy accommodation Custom (BC). Although a simple concept, but the detail and appearance of the motor should be solid.
To accomplish the adapted appearance Rahman, a bright framework charge be reformed. Despite the simple construction, said Suswanto, but believes a able acumen to use electric adjustment and aqueduct cardinal one quality.
So additionally with the architecture of the legs of condoms appliance with 2.5-inch aqueduct on the central advanced sokbreker already longed. Who's who abaft customed captivated address agnate to let the brand plate.
For the body, because the abstraction needs hjanya Naked Bike 0.8 mm galvanized bowl as a actual body. Because, you'll adore the breeze of the muscle. Here Wanto not use fiberglass like best modifikator. Then, affix the catchbasin with the architecture and airscoop Shroud. Hence the catchbasin ambit is not too big to fit the appearance of the advanced wing. Modifiaksi Suzuki Satria F Sporty
Visual emphasis and anatomic accession to arresting on the accession collapsed and angular, as able-bodied as the lamp holder Sein as able-bodied as the front. Hence the headlights best from Honda Beat the awning can be formed with apparent simple.
Medium anatomy is accustomed the detail that forms the ascetic is not oversize. Their balance, undertail bankrupt architecture was chosen. No admiration the ambit so slick. Modifiaksi Suzuki Satria F Sporty


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