Friday, September 3, 2010

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Gaya Moto GP
GP aforementioned appearance as common in the base of Hermanto and David. Without activity Testament, the aboriginal guy and Dumai Rengat It comes with 250 R Ninja outdate adapted tub mounts moge across raider.Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Gaya Moto GP
While we are appealing big agent and the allowance appearance anatomy actual fit for MODIF like this. The aftereffect can be annoyed and absolutely far from the aboriginal aerial price, "foundation of both. | Rob / punk
Kawasaki Ninja R250 - Rengat
Body Solutions CHROME
In the easily of as modifikator Wijaya, uniforms and accessories letestede Ninin allowance factory. Only the ascetic are revamped to be added ailing cilia custom fit the theme. Later in the branch chromated absolute Clink Jakarta. Results of the chromium is not aloof the accepted accustomed for granted, but in solid colors with analogous red scotlite afterward sikkens adorn through the easily of Tommy Airbrush Jakarta. "He looks alike added blink blink bro," accessible the buyer of this motor.
Ex-foot R1
Although by attributes to attending blowing Ninin not necessarily accomplish doi satisfied. Keep in blow afresh in the sector's legs still attending skinny. A set of auto above decay moge ditebusnya to exhausted the Yamaha R1 hot city with elastic Riau Islands Cunti Continental Race Attack. Problem ajrutan and shut-off auto no charge to anticipate again, because aggregate is complete alias seaech, "added the doctor modif.
Kawasaki Ninja R250 - DUMAI
Red Ducatisti. Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Gaya Moto GP
Unlike the Ninja accept David, who lived in the numbers Hermanto Kasim SS was fabricated in the distinct anatomy in bits seater. Inspired by the forms of action Ducati 848 through cilia chef from the aggregation Dales. Painting ability called red and white alloyed danaglos siralic began re alloyed all motor side, this new ride acquaintance Casey Stoner, "user cuap this sikken varnish. While the advanced looks contemporary afire angel eyes HID projector Kitaco handlebars and rearview mirror amidst Koso.
Leg Accepted Equipment
To arise adverse to the action should be capitalized, ample no fairing. Middling bargain but not tacky. So, this Ninin legs arise adequate with the aboriginal Enkei rims are captivated with elastic re Batlax BT 1992. The additional abeyance is additionally still the branch absence anyway, but his accoutrements ayun air-conditioned because it makes accepting re-boost aka a custom authorization bowl angel doi adamant horse.Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Gaya Moto GP


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