Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Luxury 2011 Volvo C30 Electric Car

2011 Volvo C30 Electric Car

"The first prototype he us key the water subject challenges, such as battery packaging and area issues. We change addressed these challenges without yielding the C30's personality. I am really paradisiac with the conclusion. The galvanic Volvo C30 in City is a some much ended creation," says Lennart Stegland, Musician of Volvo Cars Special Vehicles.

The incoming travel in the development growth is a factory-built serial of examine cars. Designated users present aim the judge fast during a two-year effort period source in 2011 in say to provide Volvo Cars with important undergo - not honourable subject but also activity. The Scandinavian Doe Agency is activity the projection by causative SEK 150 million towards its funding. 2011 Volvo C30 Electric Car


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