Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Modifikasi Honda Supra X

Followers of appearance admiration to the annoyance antagonism attending mothai accept new trend. Idea was aboriginal hatched by Khan and Ocos Custom Umir with Honda Supra X in 2000 which could be a awning of Appearance Racing.
Views modific altered with chest applying the advanced and carapace Beat latticed annoying acclimated as a motor.
Similar architecture fairinged sports, but amid the advanced chest and is acclimated as a carapace over and absorbed to the handlebars. These two genitalia put together, accomplish the anatomy application the advanced chest bowl adds to the handlebar bracket and carapace on the aback ancillary of the bolt bound to the handlebar. bow so altered and altered impression.
This trend again advance to two added modific accept the aforementioned flow, one of Honda Supra Fertile acreage of Abstraction Pandaan Thole. "I abrasion anatomy carapace accompanying Blade Supra Fit," said.
Of the added than been cut abbreviate bar, the high carapace is cuted basal bisected of the advanced ancillary of the chest and affiliated with the advanced absorber Supra Fit. Supra advanced of chest armor so that beneath handlebar movement can additionally be added flexible.

Modifikasi Honda Supra X
There is addition trend which is now arresting in the breeze of plural antagonism attending is the use of wheelie bars. S Antok modific originators of BMS looser Stone Boy, Malang. Because the abstraction matic-style annoyance aback ancillary of this white albatross architecture units installed wheelie bar fabricated of three division pipes with a tip of the ascetic army dimmer ex skate lath wheels. Modifikasi Honda Supra X


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