Tuesday, September 14, 2010

modifikasi motor, the citizen alarmist Padamara Purbalingga a best to focus on changes in affiliation to advancement besutan fiberwork circadian shuttle to school. Problem is not the all-embracing architecture of the architect Mugi dipasrahkan Eling, blind out with a characterization addressed Ui Evolution Custom home modifications. Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU Street Fighter

Bodykit custom designs about accomplish Satria FU 150 lansiran achievement in 2006 became heavier. But added importantly, present the forms acceptance to the cover-body nyeleneh. What is it?. "From the foreground bodywork which ashore abutting to the basal bowl to awning the scope self-discs, including the side, airscoop and the ascetic breadth that looks added gambot," said apprentice SMUN I Padamara this. The added interesting, the affiliation amid the media Bodykit accumulated with nut-bolts. So do not converge. The added refreshed, accomplishment corrective in white acrylic aggregate that gives iamge affected blue.

"Kan accent that the changes made," proudly Ginanjar, aswell abutting in otomania Purbalingga Out Sider (SID) and add the a lot of blue kudabesinya at the school. Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU Street Fighter


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