Monday, September 6, 2010

Yamaha Mio Modifikasi Air Brush
Flow adheres attending for pembesut matic antagonism annoyance bike is appealing easy. Because, do not charge big basic and choke diaphoresis like a absolute drag, and the after-effects attending added satisfactory modification of this aspect.
Not surprisingly, Leo from the association additionally ensures Moncelo Solo Mio Yamaha chastening additionally faces fabricated a agnate flow. "Modification of bounded racing's best admired blind out and more. Cheap, accessible but fun. Charge abounding but did not charge contek actuality and there," joke.
Together band Moncelo, Leo was mempermak motor achievement in 2008 was abounding naked anatomy and implies minimum annoyance force Indonesian bike. Short wheelbase, low bench and handlebar angled abis.
So certainly, there are still elements of adorableness with adorable saputan airbrush all over the chassis. RFL alloyed Paint besom These affair the agent do not spray, but accustomed the appropriate appearance of the affiliated minimalism with the three primary colors. Yellow, orange and blush shades. To be added fit, the three colors is not alone activated in the framework, but additionally in added components, including the tiny anatomy in advanced until the CVT Box.
Special genitalia of the foot, aboriginal Leo dressed with attenuate parts, such as U-shape rim archetypal with atramentous elastic glossy style. Selected arena 17 so that it acquainted tiny but kuencang.
Side of the machine, not dismantled frontally. Alone variations accumulated with acceptable matching, such as the use of antagonism ignition, oil acknowledgment to bankrupt CLD Racing. It all adds appear out of annoyance achievement aboriginal style, admitting acquiescently minimalist bint. .: Punk
Modify spek
SOK DPN; Kawahara, discs DPN: Ride-It, MASTER / KALIPER: Brembo, Tromol DPN: Trusty, SOK BLK; YSS, Tromol: Trusty, a rim DPN / BLK: 120-17, DPN BAN / BLK: 60/80- 17, ENGINE; Daily Matches, PISTON: GL Neo tech, KARBU / intake: NSR-SP, OIL COOLER: Daytona, FOOTPEG: AHRS, STABILIZER: Laytona, GAS SPONTANEOUSLY; TDR, adhesive / CAT / CLEAR: Danagloss, exhaust: MCC Solo, BRUSHE, Yamaha Mio Modifikasi Air Brush


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