Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can you imagine baseball, hot rod skubek transformed into a fighter! That's what Winoto Siswo from Banyumas, Central Java. Builder of Win's Paddock is trying to shed his creation through 2007 Yamaha Mio that combines the two styles. Modifikasi Yamaha Mio 2010 Style.

Wiwin, greeting familiar Winoto, inspired to make a hot rod because the style was more prevalent in the region, plus the charm of streetfighter. Mio's Indra became the target.

Originally, he wanted to change it so hot rod skubek la negro. However, he still considered less radical and exploration with a typical bikinannya. Came a whisper in his ear, which proposed a streetfighter.

Typical hot rod is very noticeable on the legs change. "Just Showing accent which tends to lead to a Bobber bit fat," says the buff Wiwin R & B music. To support the concept, diaplikasikanlah wheel radius model because he wanted to highlight a classic impression. If you use a car wheel or bar, it was, it would interfere with the concept.

Speaking of concepts, it must be separated from MEFRIK baseball (modern, aesthetic, functional, rational, innovation, and creation). Concepts that do not justify the modification only unsightly, but still functional. It can mean streets, and security functions in the motor still works.

Body design is also combined with two tastes. Front tends to form solid fat and the width of a typical hot rod. This style combined with a tiny rear body taper typical streetfighter.

Special to the rear, Wiwin deliberately make a full pattern angle. "In order traits can streetfighter, so look forward to the seat body further singles," explained Wiwin who leaked the long-departed withdraw up to 25 cm.

Street fighter-style traits others had to wear a tubular frame in the middle of the front deck. "There is no function for the material, just some visual accent, let alone nuance streetfighter more pronounced and more dynamic," sure Wiwin.

As a candidate in fiber, glass fiber material he uses as a material body. Problem mall, pretty neat so that the proportion is still looking chic when ogled. There are also enough support on the selection screen. Finishing with neat, Ferrari red paint mixing Polired Lessonal Plus looks


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