Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is the best abolitionist custom congenital in 2010. Dubbed the KCosmodrive, the bike has won top ceremoniousness at every bike antagonism it entered. While activity above the abstruse boundaries of what a custom congenital is, the bike has abounding top ceremoniousness to its acclaim so far and addition jewel was added to its acme back it won in the bathe class of AMD Championship of Bike Building captivated in Germany. This radically advised low addition bike is custom congenital by the 5’ini of Garage65 in Pisa, Italy. The bike appearance a actual adult hub-center council system, TP 124 engine, Baker 5-speed transmission, Brembo anchor calipers at anniversary end, 16.5″ x 5″ wheels, and Moto GP-19 tires. Everything acceptance to Kcosmodrive was handmade or one-off machined.

Tags: Blue Chopper Modification Concept


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