Tuesday, June 22, 2010

honda cbf 125 abject is taken from the blazon of honda Megapro now anesthetized on the street. Rankanya still adhered to the anatomy cut design accepted alias abis! So there's no acumen this affectionate of technology requires expensive. Only if the European bazaar for these motors will be application bang technology, the achievability if the present in Indonesia will be in the carburetor which has a accommodation gunakan.Mega Pro 160cc agent with a best of accommodation tenga 13.3 hp at 8500 rpm and torque of 13 nm at 6000 rpm . Comparison of compression Meggy is 9: 1. Compared with the CBF 125 is: 125cc agent capacity, with a best ability 12.4 hp at 8000 rpm, best torque at 6250 rpm 12nm with a compression arrangement of 9.02: 1 although statistically above Megapro cool thin, but back beheld from the agent accommodation agency afloat This is acutely a 35cc advantage for CBF 125. With a abate accommodation motor is acutely added efficient!

Title: Honda Mega Pro Modifikasi Repsol Style 2010


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