Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can you imagine not, like what happens when two motorbike models from Italy, Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 cc combined with the Aprilia RSV4. That is, you know besutan pebalap Max Biaggi in the arena of world championship racing Superbike (WSBK). The result, as you can see this. New Modification Old Head Motor Concept.

Abdul Aziz of Magetan deserves thumbs up. Imagine, Honda GL 100 quarter-century-old is alive again with a new face more gahar. Builder of the home modification Modified A1 is very brave because almost all of the motor lawasnya been revamped.

Like the front shape, Aziz inspired by Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 cc. "The sign can be seen from such a model horns on the front between the lamp and the tank shell," said Aziz. All materials for this MODIF wearing thick as 0.9 mm galvanized plate.

Conscious use of a thick plate of course impact on the overall weight of the motor. So, here Aziz combine jelly enough change on the front. Dimensions of the iron plate is adjusted with a choice of lamp shell cabutan of Honda Supra X-125. "It should be made carefully because when the greatness of it will be ugly.'s Why shell the size of a standard lamp," he explained.

In addition to the front, to minimize weight, the entire frame is replaced with a tubular pipe. "Because you want to catch the look," said Aziz. All of the new framework using a-inch diameter pipe.

When the front of the nuances of a sport, more powerful back again. Aziz imitate Aprilia RSV4. "It's a sport because of sharp and nungging abis," kekeh friendly guy. Because the sports model, then the seat was designed single-seater racing.

All parts of this full-custom motorcycles. Baseball was merely the body, but the legs start of the swing-arm up upside down any custom. This is the part that is rarely done another builder. "Incidentally, I often make a lot of upside down and now accept orders from outside Java," Aziz proud.

In making the front suspension, Aziz still use a few standard components. Dibubut original shock and continued to use the new connection. "Then, I wear custom drat system. In it are three separate components," he added. As for the outer shock wrapped disposable plates make it look more muscular.


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