Friday, June 4, 2010

Chopper Modification 2010

I am not a big custom congenital fan but it’s a amount of time back you get addled on article like never before. Well, actuality is a bike that did absolutely the aforementioned to me. Named as Chopper One Dollar Chop, it’s a latest custom congenital from the Italian builder, Ivano. This motorbike has lots of genitalia taken from the third affair manufacturers yet Ivano congenital its key apparatus that accommodate acute ammunition tank, crankcase, saddle and grips. This alarming alley scorcher has a Screamin ‘Eagle 103 engine, American abeyance fork, HPU Roundstyle and Performance Machine brakes. Apart from these, the bike feartures TTS 21 x 3, 5 advanced and Rick’s18 x 12 rear wheel, admitting its advanced and rear tires are 120/70-21 and 330/30-17 respectively. All these genitalia calm accomplish this motorbike every bike freak’s penchant.

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