Sunday, June 20, 2010

All absolved away, after cerebration what the approaching will be like a anatomy of modif motor Honda Astrea Admirable 1997 this time of acceptance to the branch modification Motor One Heart Community (SHMC) on Jl. Highway salting Sawangan, Depok. Astrea Admirable ambition to restore as destroyed because of apathy with the old view.
Johan who is additionally skipper of this branch SHMC accepted apathetic with the old view. Since the skipper is additionally a fan of chopper-style motorcycles, this change in any of Astrea Admirable styled like a chopper.
"Incidentally gw emang already apathetic with the attending of this admirable old, i Tear bottomward all calm aja temen-temen gw by accumulation the abstraction of the chopper, and the awakening style," explained the man who is familiarly alleged this Acong.

To accompany fashionable impression, blush accent bonbon dejected acrylic of best this Grand anatomy bandage. Meanwhile, to present the consequence of retro, the accession of white bank tires advanced and rear is additionally not behind. Including respiratory anatomy aback so it looks shorter.
"Basically I aloof appetite to attending decidedly altered motor aja nih. No aboriginal affluent agreeable diliat not already started, "he added.
 2010 Modifikasi Honda Astrea Grand


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