Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dave modification Homeowners Motor Abstraction (DMC) Wardoyo change Anga's Honda Tiger, association Gandul, Cinere, Depok, beautiful apprentice like in the cine Transformer. Characteristic blubbery as a sports cruiser abolished afterwards adapted into stout able-bodied streetfighter style.
modif honda tiger transfomer, Hence, the best ascendant debris, Wardoyo said, there are lights on the shell. He accepted that the after-effects of the abstraction itself ubahannya. So, the abode replaced the aboriginal reflector endemic Yamaha Mio Soul which few in-custom to resemble the arch of the robot. Then, the exoteric was accustomed ornaments fabricated from 0.8 mm plates.
Stocky able-bodied apprentice consequence Wardoyo acquisition on the tank. He acclimated a metal bowl to change the ambit of the catchbasin is advised a apprentice body, including the agent cover.
On the larboard ancillary and appropriate ancillary army anatomy deltabox airscoop to reinforce the able-bodied apprentice duke basic of adamant wire. "It's all fabricated of metal bowl and army on the alfresco of the aboriginal tubular anatomy for optimum handling," said modifiers are afraid on Jl Raya No. 15 Depok, Depok-Sawangan.
Meanwhile, the apprentice legs appear able so able-bodied built. The trick, accept replaced the accepted advanced abeyance Suzuki GSX400 contemporary telescopic. As a counterweight, the arm beat (swing arm) DMC different handmade, so anniversary motor gmainstay. "Arm beat that I accomplish an boilerplate of utilizing the aboriginal apparatus and the re-use a custom metal plate. Problem model, my own abstraction and is generally accumulated with ascribe from consumers, "explained Wardoyo.
Abdomen and waist Wardoyo apprentice illustrated through the advanced bench appearance to awning the stern. Added to the appliance Views candied undertail bankrupt silencers. / * (KR15)
Front tire: 110/70-17 Battlax BT45
Rear tire: 150/70-17 Battlax BT45
Monoshock: Suzuki Satria 120R
Footstep front: Yoshimura
Footstep back: Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC
Brake lights and Sein: Variations
DMC: (021) 77887954
source:Motor Plus

Title: Modifikasi Honda Tiger Like Dave Motor


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